Thursday, April 12, 2007


Apparently, I'm in a posting war with Buzz who knew. His blog is listed to the right of this blog and no I don't know how to link. I get an e-mail from him today saying he's at 6 postings and to take that. I immediately click on his blog (I can't believe I'll admit to this during a time of War) because he really is funny. He's calling a title with a you tube video a post. I totally disagree with him, but being the generous person I am I gave him .25 for the post so really he's only posted 5.25 for this month. I'm going to kick his ass!!!


Buzz said...

That .25 is the differnece right now.

Katie said...

I think I should get points for being able to spell. Just sayin.'

Jane said...

I am watching Tim's war with Katie about posting and his war with Erin about body fat % and wishing that I was in both contests!

I'm only a lurker for both shows.



MikeW said...

Go Katie, Go Katie, Go Katie!