Tuesday, September 23, 2008


More random things about me. I am a huge LOVER of quotes...the ones that are just shy of saying, "Dear Katie..." they literally have my name written all over it. I even keep a document on my computer of quotes I run across and know I will need to read again some other day. For example: a previous post.

I subscribe to quite a few blogs and a few of them are the sappy kind. Yes, I'm a total romantic at heart. So this gal wrote a post on relationships followed with a ton of quotes...oh, it made my heart go pitter patter. There's only one I will force the 3 of you to read.

“However good or bad you feel about your relationship, the person you are with at this moment is the "right" person, because he or she is the mirror of who you are inside.” - Deepak Chopra

Man, this one hit me square between the eyes. I like it. It makes me stop and rethink a few of my previous relationships and remind myself who I was during those times. I'm happy to say I'm not the same woman I was back then. I'll always be a work in progress but it's always good to have some checkpoints and see I'm moving in the right direction.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


My training so far this season has been lacking rhythm. Having off runs is one thing, but several months of bad running is annoying. I guess all of these years I've been lucky. Granted my running/training has always been sporadic. I'm finding the older I get the less sporadic I should be. I'm much more sane with running than without it. Remember sanity is relative and I prolly wouldn't be the poster child for it...just statin' the facts people;-)

Back to the point of my post. Saturday, 'Stella, got her groove back.' Words can't explain Saturday's run. I've felt like a lost soul for awhile now, but Saturday, my soul was found, YEEHAW!!! BTW running is my religion. Seriously, much cooler temps, a sunrise, an all-out 3rd mile on the track, barton hills to climb at the end & great friends to run with what more can a gal ask for...21.7 miles, check!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hmmm, not real sure what to say at the moment. There are so many things running through my mind all at once I don't even know where to begin. I feel like my emotions are on a roller coaster ride that I can't seem to get off of. I'm fighting the urge to pack a back pack and leave the country for a while. Ok, so that's a tad dramatic but it sure would be fun;-)

Let's see my running, the thing I've always considered my outlet for excess emotions has not been my friend. I started training about 2 months ago for my marathon in December and every run feels like the first one after a 6 month hiatus. I've been extremely frustrated to say the least. I know it takes time to get in the groove, but it's like my groove went on permanent vacation. I'm here to tell you if there were ever a time for running to be my friend it would be now. My hydration has been a constant problem. I take nuun, I drink tons of water but nothing ever seems to be enough. Every run has involved tummy stitches. I've even started carrying a water bottle. Ugh! I think there are a number of challenges that will totally pan out I just wish to whine for a moment.

After licking my wounds from my crappy am run I read an e-mail with a question 'what is this supposed to teach me?' It came at the right time, right when I'm ready to question everything and flip the boat for change it forces me to hold on and ride the wave just a little longer. Granted I forgot about the e-mail by this afternoon and clearly, someone is speaking to me...Julia, posted something else to speak to me 'Moral #1 Stick with whatever goal you have chosen for yourself. It will work out.' The e-mail and Julia are right. Ok, I'm done talking to myself;-)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Tangible True Love

Ok, so we all know my original 'true love'. Well, I also have a tangible true love, it's high heel shoes. Now, I'd like to state for the record since going back to school I have been a very good girl with my shoe purchases or lack there of. I have managed to buy very few cute shoes, only the practical kind read boring type shoes. Excuse me while I pat myself on the back and wipe the tear from my eye. I'm officially sick of being practical, however, I've got another 15 months of the student thing. So needing a reason to buy cute high heel shoes has presented itself. I have a few weddings and events coming up and my generous Mother bought me a cute black dress for these events and for sure I 'need' some cute not so comfortable shoes to go with the dress.

Well, I found some by accident while shopping in Dallas a few weekends ago. I managed not to buy them. My Mom and Sis don't need to witness me spending money...they give me hell. Come on, don't they know every girl needs a little pick up and what better pick me up than some new cute high heel shoes. Ok, so I refrained from buying these oh, so cute shoes. I procrastinated until today and I have a wedding this weekend. I know patience little grasshopper.

Today when sprinting through Nordstrom to get to the Apple store for my appointment at the genius bar there they were. It was like time stopped, the heavens opened and the angels were singing 'Glory Hallelujah' while shining the light on what had to be the most perfect pair of high heel shoes I've seen. I came to a screeching halt. Could it be my dream come true? I turn these beautiful gems over to see the size of the shoes, forget price these babies have taken my breath away. Yes, size 6 on display, that's me. Try them on, perfect fit. A nice sales lady walks up and escorts me to the register. I think a total of 5 minutes went by between the time I saw them and the time they became mine. So, without further ado I introduce to you the perfect high heel shoe;-)