Thursday, May 31, 2007

Life Altering Moment

A small one I can assure you, but I've been told it's the little things in life that make you happy. Today is one of those small thing happy days. Let me just preface this with the fact I'm not a techi so I tend to be a tad slow on the uptake of certain cyber-lingo things. Again, today is no different.

I read various blogs/boards and have seen the acronym LMAO quite a bit. One day a friend of mine responded to one of my posts with LMAO. I e-mailed him to find out what it stood for, no response. Today as I'm reading Joey's blog all of a sudden Maggie's response hit me like a ton of bricks. LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!

My world can go on;) Seriously, this made me happy!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Could It Be

I just may have fallen in love with my bike. I'm probably jumping the gun a bit much like I do in my love life or lack there of;) I really think it could be love for me and Belle, not the lezbot kind of love (not that there's anything wrong with that) but my bike's name is Southern Belle and Belle for short. Maybe some day I'll write about her name, for now will stick to the cycling.

I managed to ride 42 miles last week outside. No, this is nothing in comparison to my cycling peeps but I've got to start somewhere. Panther was kind enough to give me weekly mileage goals to get me ready for the Katy Flatlands which I will be doing the 62 mile ride.

Yesterday I rode by myself for the first time granted it was on the Veloway which means NO cars but still I went out and entertained myself. My plan was to get in a few laps before Lulu joined me to hit the Autobahn.

When riding the Veloway it is likely one will see quite a bit of "wild" life out there. You may wonder why they have a yellow warning sign about crossing snakes. I am here to tell you it's there for a reason, there really are crossing snakes. I don't know why this came as a surprise to me, I am known to attract them. I spotted one yesterday on a curve no less. I can't guarantee my steering on curves but managed not to hit this one. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I way-lay one. Argh!!! Me and my so called life with the reptiles. At some point I will blog about my history with these scary creatures;)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


My legs are officially kaput. Yesterday involved another 2-fer. I knew after the first work out my legs were beat but did that stop me from the second part of the day's work-out. Hell no!

5:30am met my running peeps for what was supposed to be an easy 10 miler. We usually do this run on Friday but since everyone is out of town this weekend we upped the day for the longer run. I don't know what happened but for some odd known reason this run turned out to be more of a "race" pace. Legs dead by the time I got home.

The second work-out was to be a bike ride, keep in mind I'm just getting "back in the saddle." I e-mailed Lulu secretly hoping she couldn't make our afternoon ride;) No such luck. So I plopped my lazy butt on the couch to "rest" until it was time to head to the Veloway.

It's official I've finally clipped into the bike and happy to report I didn't take Coop or Lulu out during the ride. Now, when it came time to clip out I had to keep pedaling until I figured out which side I was most comfortable in getting out of. I swear I slowed down to 5mph before I decided on the right foot.

Katy Flatlands here I come!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Brick #2

Apparently, what I considered to be a brick on Friday 10/10 was really just a 2-fer, meaning I worked out twice in one day. Whatever, LuLu said it's a brick as far as she is concerned. I tend to agree with her.

Today was a combo of a 2-fer and a brick. Today started with the Mother's Day Trail Race. This consisted of 2 loops on the Moonshadow trail. If you missed it this year I highly recommend it for next year. I took it easy since breathing seemed to be optional for me this morning.

This afternoon I met up with Kris & Erin for a 2 mile run followed by swimming/not drowning. So today was my first day in the pool since last summer. I wouldn't call my pool experience last summer swimming necessarily, but today was a new day. We swam at Stacy Pool which apparently is 32m as opposed to the normal 25m. The first lap pretty uneventful the laps there after just involve me trying not to drown. I swear at one point on the way back down the pool I must have snoozed or something because the next thing I know I'm sinking and in need of oxygen...what a pretty site this must have been. I'm pretty sure I came out of the water flailing my arms and choking on water with my hair all in my face, now I know why I need to put that heinous swim cap on. I'm so glad Kris was there to chat with in between laps. The continuous swim was not on my to-do list, Erin. There was a cute boy in the lane next to us which made drowning worth my time. ;)

Friday, May 11, 2007

10/10 BRICK

You read that right Ladies and Gentlemen. Today was my first official outdoor brick. Granted the 10 mile run was at 5:30am and the 10 mi bike was at 3:30pm, everything was outside.

Yep rode the bike for the first time in 2 years. Lulu was kind enough to meet me at the veloway and we went for 3 full loops and 1 mini loop. I'm not gonna mislead y'all I did ride in my tennis shoes as geeky/dorky as that is I needed to remind myself which gears did what and being glued in was not part of my learning equation.

I'm officially worn out today. When the alarm went off at 4:45am my legs were already tired. Hello, my feet hadn't even hit the ground. Something tells me the beer, wine & margarita the night before may have had a little something to do with this but whatever, I pulled it off. I think it's time for a Tecate.

I will be clipping into my pedals on Sunday...I'll keep y'all posted;)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Buh-Bye Spring Semester '07

It's official. Spring Semester '07 done!!! My art professor was very impressed with the improvements I made and how many drawings I had completed for today. Honestly, improving was going to be simple. I was going from hangman to an actual drawing. I was excited, not that I plan to show anyone any of this. Just sayin.'

Also, I went to see Zane today at Jack & Adams for my bike-fit. He made some adjustments to the seat which puts him in God-like status in my eyes. Took some pressure off some serious body parts;) I can't wait to pick her up tomorrow and hit the road. I advise the rest of you to stay off the road. Consider this a kind warning;)

The best news of all...I've worn my sunglasses 2 days in a row. I may just crack a beer for the occasion!!!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Honestly, I have nothing to report other than I love the yellow sun!!!! I was starting to think I'd never see it again. I had to go sit by the pool and just absorb some good 'ole vitamin d. AHHH!!!

There is one more day I also thought would never get here...end of spring semester. Tomorrow at 10am I can kiss spring '07 good bye. YIPPEE!!!

Random notes- I actually ran 5 days last week which included one 10 mi run. Who knew any of this was still possible? We're back for the month of May. I have no idea how it's going to work for the month of June. I've got class M-F starting at 8am...yuck!

Last but not least- my bike will be tuned up come Thursday. You may want to stay off the road;)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's Not My Calling

Well, I spend a lot of time wondering what it is I should do with my life. They say figuring out what you don't like or things you're not good at is just as important. I can say with absolute certainty drawing is NOT MY CALLING. Granted I wasn't expecting to be an undiscovered Van Gogh but seriously the lack of my skill is quite frightening. The good news is for my curriculum we only need 1 basic drawing class...whew!!! I'm going to show you what I'm currently working on and I'm bored to tears with this thing. I seriously wish we could splash some of these things with color...the charcoal thing gets a tad boring!

Next Wednesday is my critique in drawing. We've got to show our professor complete drawings. I'm trying to get several finished. Argh!!! It takes forever and it's torture. I have one I really like but it's huge. Once I finish it I will actually post it. It's really hard to tell what in the heck I've got going on in this one but my professor loves vine charcoal. What the heck is vine charcoal you ask...a raw stick of charcoal. Talk about messy. I walk away looking more like a mechanic than an "artist." It's hard to draw straight precise lines with this stuff...granted the professor doesn't like that but I really like things to be clear and I swear this drawing I'm about to show you looked much better as a penciled drawing. Keep in mind this isn't complete I'm just sick of drawing for the moment.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I'm amazed with myself today. Yes, I have the right to be self-absorbed on occasion. I admit I stayed up late and watched all of the bachelor so I didn't get a whole lot of sleep before my early am run. I must say I'm amazed at everything I managed to accomplish on little sleep. Pam, Jane & I met at the rock at 5:30am sharp (Jane is really doing well with the time thing!). We took off for a 5 mile run which was surprisingly nice. Afterwords I went to the gym to lift weights, this is something I'm dedicating myself to this summer. I then hit the grocery, washed clothes and cleaned my house all before noon today. I'm patting myself on the back as I type this. For the afternoon I went to Book People to study for my final and of course I had to buy a book on the way out. Confession- I am dangerous in a book store;)

Tomorrow up for another 5:30am's time to turn this into a habit!!!