Friday, April 25, 2008

Here We Go...

Here we go...into some sleepless nights. I turn in my portfolio on Monday. This portfolio contains all of my projects from the current semester's studio. It's also a pass or fail. If you happen to stumble on this post feel free to send me some good luck karma, I'm going to need it.

I'm in process of completing my final project and have some final touches and boards to re-do from the previous 2 projects. Somehow all of this will be done before 10am on Monday. Oh, yeah I also work all day tomorrow. Fun times I swear!

I'm going to post the floorplan I've been working on all week. I don't think words can explain how excited I will be to do all floorplans by computer next semester. All of this drafting is too time consuming. Not to mention this final project has to be universal...wheelchair accessible, so there looks like lots of space but granny needs that 5' turn around for her u-turns;-)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Things About Me

1. I wanted to be a solid gold dancer when I grew up.
2. I still want to be a solid gold dancer.
3. I love 80s music.
4. I really don't like beer.
5. But I will drink it if I 'have' to.
6. I'm the queen procrastinator.
7. I'm supposed to be writing a term paper now;-)
8. I love to run.
9. I am a strong runner.
10. Maybe not the fastest.
11. I am always on time.
12. I'm scared to death of thunderstorms.
13. I would be a great private investigator.
14. I talk out loud TO movies. (as in 'He is not going to do that').
15. Maybe that's why my friends don't ask me to movies.
16. I can't sit still unless I'm really tired.
17. I hate to clean.
18. I love spring and fall.
19. I've lived in 6 cities and 4 states.
20. I'm commitment phobic.
21. I find it difficult to commit to things to far in advance.
22. I love to render.
23. I'm very observant.
24. I like numbers.
25. My alias is Bunny.
26. I plan to qualify for the Boston Marathon in December.
27. I love plain m&ms.
28. I love oreos & milk- they should be at the top of the food chain.
29. I don't like to drive.
30. Although if you're a slow driver I won't let you drive me.
31. I always drive over the speed limit.
32. I love to read.
33. I don't lose things.
34. It may take me a year to find it, it's still not lost.
35. I like small houses.
36. I love a good mexican martini.
37. I want to learn to speak Spanish fluently.
38. I want to live overseas, preferably Spain.
39. I love water (ocean, lakes & rivers).
40. I love dogs.
41. I can't decide how I want to remodel my bathroom.
42. I like hand written letters.
43. I can't seem to change my phone to 512.
44. I love to sleep.
45. I require sleep.
46. You will know if I haven't slept in a while;-)
47. I love a good story.
48. I like when my life creates a story, preferably a funny one.
49. I love friends who make me laugh.
50. I like to laugh so hard I cry or get the hiccups.
51. The Internet is my enemy.
52. I love Dr. McDreamy.
53. I found the writer's strike to be annoying.
54. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite.
55. Baskin Robbins please.
56. Sweet not salt.
57. Humidity doesn't agree with my hair.
58. I have super fine hair.
59. I think I'm 5'7".
60. I can't keep a calendar.
61. If I have to have a calendar I like the paper kind.
62. I wish I could sing.
63. My neighbors wish the same thing.
64. I am bossy.
65. I've had a python in my house, no it was not my pet.
66. I've almost stepped on a copperhead.
67. I've had a random snake wrap around my leg.
68. It was dark so I couldn't tell what kind.
69. I had my first car wreck at the age of 14.
70. Legal driving age was 15 in La.
71. I've rolled an explorer.
72. I've had to use doggy doors to get into houses.
73. None of these houses were mine.
74. No, I was not breaking and entering, all legit.
75. I'm great with directions, no GPS necessary.
76. I served on a triathlon board.
77. I've never done a triathlon.
78. I've made daiquiris with a food processor.
79. I couldn't find my parents blender.
80. Obviously, they were out of town and I was underage;-)
81. I was a Bearcat Belle.
82. I have good intuition.
83. I really need to write my term paper.
84. I'm excited to be pursuing something I love.
85. I am opinionated.
86. Sometimes I don't notice when I'm thinking out loud.
87. I have a love hate relationship with getting up early.
88. I drown my coffee in cream & sugar.
89. I don't like big meals.
90. I like a good glass of pinot noir.
91. My closet is extremely organized.
92. I've stayed up all night dancing and then went straight to the fish market.
93. It was fun.
94. I've stayed up all night for a school project.
95. Not so much fun.
96. I've always wanted curly hair of medium thickness.
97. I'm always reading 2-3 books at a time.
98. I'm at the half-way point with my Design degree.
99. I took piano lessons for 4 years.
100. I want to play the guitar.
101. I stayed in a relationship too long because HE could play a guitar;-)

Now, the procrastination must end, onto Modernism/Postmodernism!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


How did it happen? I swear ever since spring break came and went time has been on fast forward. Everytime I look up to breathe an entire week has gone by. I really can not make myself think beyond the day at hand it makes my heart rate sky rocket. The end of semester is approaching fast. It's scary and exciting all at once. This is a make or break semester. I'm in my first residential studio, which is secretly referred to as the 'weed-out class' meaning this is where they get rid of real crappy designers. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. I still need to make some changes to my original projects and complete the final one I'm currently working on...not sure how this is all going to pan out since I'm on the verge of a burn out at the same time;-) I will spare you of my meltdown from last week, emotions were on overdrive!

A few things I've learned about myself or have actually known for a long time and now need to face these facts. I am a very aggressive woman. What does this mean? Not much for the majority of you as long as you don't spend much time with me. I HAVE to find a way to run. It's no longer an option to skip, even if it's only for 20 minutes I have to run, period, end of story! When I don't let's just say it gets a tad ugly. I am a brutally honest woman so when I don't get rid of my energy it comes out in words so please be careful what you ask me, I will answer.

Last but not least I have decided to start training again. Ok, it doesn't officially begin until May 27th but I will be following through this time. I have some unfinished business with the marathon and plan to stake my claim in December!!!

Now to get through today, left, right, left;-)