Tuesday, January 30, 2007

3M Perfect Day for a Race

Sunday was a perfect day for a race...

I really didn't have a time goal in mind for this race since I knew I wouldn't be going all out. My main focus was not going out to fast and really work on the mental aspect of my race.

I woke up at 4:30am ready to rock'n roll. Get to the race, immediately run into my training buddy, Jon. A few of us head out to do a mile warm-up then deal with all the minutia before the race starts. I think we had about 2 minutes to spare then we're off. I have given Jon permission to call me out when I start pushing the pace in the first few miles. I kept my eye on him and when he passed people I passed. This is difficult for me. I always end up with runners that have funky strides or bizarre head bobbing and I need to get away from them fast. Yes, I'm learning to ignore this and just hold steady, thanks Jon;)

I totally missed the first mile marker and my hands were so frozen at mile 2 that I couldn't stop my watch so the first 3 miles look as if I ran a steady pace. I know this to be balogne. I am so pace challenged it's pathetic.

My Coach, Sisson, had broken the race down into 3 miles segments for the mental aspect of the race. This happens to be the hardest part for me. I really focused on everything he had talked about especially when we were in the North part of town. For some odd known reason running races through neighborhoods is so distracting to me. I kept telling myself to hold steady.

I kid you not when I say today was a great day for a race. I never got bored, made sure to smile for all the cameras and have perfect form (I really am that vain) and just enjoyed everything. Like I said earlier I didn't go all out and definitely left some speed in the tank, wasn't even sore on Monday;) This isn't my big race I was looking for self-confidence and let me tell you I found it. Boston will be mine!!

Shout-out to my fantastic cheerleaders- Erin, Maggie & Joey on the bike. Kenny- even though I had to yell at him to cheer for me. Jarvis girl near the end, Anna & Bobby for one final push to the finish line. Y'all were awesome!!

Mile Splits
1-3 mi- 8:16
4 mi- 7:49
5 mi- 7:35
6 mi- 8:06
7 mi- 8:00
8 mi- 7:58
9 mi- 8:04
10 mi- 8:10
11 mi- 7:46
12 mi- 7:37
13 mi- 7:39

Total- 1:44:22 PR Baby!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Ok, that's an all out lie but I did find some random money. I love it when on occasion pockets have money folded up in them. Out of all things today a fleece vest that has a pocket in the back, reach in to pull my phone out and some folded paper. Now this wasn't just any old folded paper this was green paper, you guessed it money. Perfect timing I'm out of cash. 1 errand out of the way;)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

School Has Changed

Wow! I've been out of school for well, let's just say a while. Things have changed so much it's insane. The obvious thing is the cell phone & Ipod world. Everyone is on the phone or plugged into their phone or Ipod...ok, so that's a minor one. The student center has Hip-hop playing on the loud speakers, plasma tvs everywhere (this blows my mind) and the food choices are overwhelming. When did Pizza Hut come to school? Maybe I'm just a backassward Cajun that is slow (don't answer that one) but things are different and I'm diggin' it!

Question- when is the last time you were listening to the Beastie Boys during lab? Yeah, it really makes the un-exciting lettering project go a little faster when you're groovin' to the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Oh, yeah all of my professors allow cell phones just put them on vibrate and step outside. Obviously, I have some cool professors this go 'round. They are all very approachable so bizarre and fantastic. I don't know maybe because my class size is less than 20 students per class. This is very different for a gal that went to LSU where the average class size was more like 200 students. It is just mind boggling.

Now for the not so great changes in the school world. I apologize ahead of time if I offend you but it's my bog.

The downside of our fast pace "school" society is the influx of the vending machines EVERYWHERE. I'm talking every building and on all floors. The coke machine is the 20oz size cokes, apparently, we need more caffeine? The junk food make my eyes wanna bulge right out of my head. Trust me the reeses peanut butter cups are way to close for comfort if you know how sweet my tooth is. It's been quite a fight not to put a lot of money into the junk food since I'm rarely around it. This weekend will be figuring out the food situation. I am ultra hungry all the time.

So what I've noticed in the college world is it's not the Freshman 20lbs anymore it's looking like 30lbs+. Maybe part of high school graduation should require a nutrition class. I really feel sorry for some of these people that just don't understand how to eat or what to eat. There is a reason we are such an obese society. I'm sure this was all discussed in the Super Size Me movie, but I haven't seen it.

I have survived my first full week of school. Yipee!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh, My

Wow! Today was my first full day of school. Holy Toledo do I have my work cut-out for me.

I'll start from the beginning (this will be long)...
The Bus Ride
I had visions in my head of what the bus ride would be...sipping my coffee while reading, studying or catching up on some z's. Let's just say that's not what this bus ride was about. Granted I hadn't thought much about it other than someone else doing the driving. I'm the last pick-up before heading to San Marcos. Guess what- a packed bus. Now I will say the seating on this bus is NOT very efficient it's more like a city bus. Single row seating facing center until you get to the back door then finally they do double seats. This really didn't make sense to me since we would be on I35. I don't think safety is on their mind for this joy ride. You guessed it I got to stand up the whole way...Oh, Boy!! Have I mentioned the weight of my backpack? Let's just say me and the backpack just might weigh the same.

I will say there were some interesting peeps all around me. The guy behind me has been doing this for a while and says in about 6 weeks it will thin out due to people dropping classes. I'm pretty sure all the grey hairs onboard will be with us for the duration;)

First Class
ID1321 (Interior Design)- I honestly didn't know what this class was about there wasn't a description of it when signing up I just know I have to take it in order to get into the program full-time. This is a class & a lab. We haven't been to class yet, it was lab this morning. I think the ice storm had our professor a tad stressed out. She was a little frantic about us completing the "lettering" project by Thursday. Seriously, I have horrible hand writing and after 33 years of this bad hand writing she wants me to have this changed/perfected by Thursday to turn in. Ok, onward to the next class/lab.

Drafting- again I don't know what this entails other than some weird ass rulers, triangles, lots of pencils and me going cross-eyed. Yes, we actually have rulers that part is to be read from rt to lft (this is normal in my small world) and shares a different set of numbers that you read from rt. to lft (this I don't consider normal).

I am worn out this evening and missed my speed work-out this am so I get to do that early shirley and on my own;)

Monday, January 22, 2007


Finally, school has started. I've only been to 2 classes so far due to last weeks freak Ice Storm so we haven't had a true first class. You remember the first few days of school it's all about the syllabus and going over the professor's expectations of you, the student and the best part checking out your classmates. I still have a class to go to for the first time tomorrow morning...I hope it's not another laundry list of art supplies. Don't get me wrong I love the art store just don't need to be in there for long without a body guard. Atleast I'm getting a little wiser in my older years; I just hand the sales clerk my school list and follow her around...this keeps me from wandering around aimlessly to buy fun supplies that I will NEVER use.

Just so you're not totally clueless on the school situation I'm going to Texas State and Austin Community College (ACC). An extra student id;) I'm taking as many courses in Austin that will transfer to TX. Today was my first morning at ACC. This is going to be interesting. It's a basic drawing course so there are all walks of life taking it. I also, chose to take this early so it was bizarre to me that it was even full considering most "artists" are night owls. Ok, I may be questionable right out of the gate since I'm an early morning person.

Now the next thing I have to work on is my study time. I'm going to buy a calendar this evening so I can keep an eye on this. Yes, I'm totally old school on the paper calendar. I have plenty of Palms that I've never used. Let's just say if another guy tries to give me one of these electronic devices again I'm dropping him on the spot. I DON'T WANT ONE. I need something that is large enough to see the entire month and no the 5pt font of a Palm is not legible for me. Yes, I'm blind.

Once I'm organized Ostrich will have to come over to put my table together for me;) I've asked him to help on Friday...I may have to bribe him with some booze!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

SNOW in the ATX

Bizarre to use the word snow with Austin, TX, but I'm here to tell you it's true. I actually ventured out in it today. I don't want my rump to go numb 2 days in a row. I actually broke out my ski gear in order to go outside. Who knew one would use such clothing in Central Tex-ass. I really have nothing more to say so I'll just post a photo or 2 to prove the weather conditions;)

Monday, January 15, 2007

Numb Ass

Seriously, my ass is so numb from sitting on it ALL DAY LONG!!! I kid you not. I read an entire book today. This was supposed to be a holiday, not an ice storm day. Tomorrow is now cancelled and I'm down to 1 bottle of red wine, how could I let such a tragedy occur? I must have gone insane atleast temporarily.

My observations for the day. I did have the weather on all day. I get a kick out of watching our newscasters get amped up about the weather...dear goodness there must not be much to report on these days, which is a good thing I guess. Anyway back to my observations...Daytime Television- ok, if you're looking for some comedy (unintenitonal I'm pretty sure) you should catch some soap operas. I confess I was into the soaps when I was in college. What cracks me up is all the same actor/actress' are still on them. It's possible they've changed the actual soap they work for but really they are all the same. In my opinion these people didn't have much acting going for them (don't get me wrong I'd take their paycheck in a heartbeat) but seriously, could there be a bigger group of monotone people on the same show??? The biggest change I can see is the introduction of botox. In my soap watching days botox wasn't around, that has changed. Expressing emotions for monotone people is challenging enough but throw in some botox and it's a site to see. I wonder if it feels like their face is moving...one should ask the doctor prior to the shot perhaps???

Yet another tragedy to report- McDreamy did not win whatever award he was up for on the Golden Globes...this calls for a refill on my wine

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Shell Shocked

Well, I've done it. I registered for my classes today at Texas State. I think I'm in a state of shock. Don't get me wrong I knew I was doing this but at the time it was just in my head, now it's real and complete with a student ID. I must admit I took a good pic;) After so many bad photo id's I came prepared...make-up, hair, the works and the maroon backdrop looked good with my sweater. I swear I'm not that vain. I guess this means I can get discounts to movies...is that right? This is what I look forward to, the student perks. Now that I'm a much "wiser" student and the one footin' the bill I'll be taking serious advantage of all aptitude tests any career advice they offer all of the things I ignored on the first go 'round. Things are different this time ...I hope this reflects in my grades as well. I can't believe I'm doing this.

Now to get on the part-time gig. I think I need to open a bottle of wine;)


Sunday, January 07, 2007


or kiss Boston goodbye. That's the choice I have to make. Obviously, I'm going to choose to slowdown out of the gate. I swear I take off like a bat out of hell and die at the halfway point...kinda like a dog.

The funny thing is I didn't let today's race bother me even after my coach called me the P -word. Not because I had a bad race, but because I mentally gave up at mile 14. He's right I've got to want it. Once I got home and was able to go through my mile splits there's a good reason for mentally letting go...I was running a good 13-20sec faster than mgp for the first 9 miles...I even spotted a 7:58/mile...HELLO my mgp is 8:20, big difference. Needless to say I ended out w/ an 8:44/mi pace...pathetic!! I did finish in the top 10 of my age group...

My body is healthy, strong & ready for this race. Boston is mine for the taking just need to tone down the first 10 miles and I'm in!!

I will say this about the race I got soooo friggin' bored. Seriously, all those peeps on bikes I think I need someone to ride beside me w/ a dvd player that would really help my mental game. Clearly, I do NOT need to go internal, it's the kiss of death for me;)

Also, I need to give a shout-out to Tim, Panther, Lulu (even though she didn't have a pitcher of margaritas), Cindy, JJ, Ruth, Steve & spectators I don't know...y'all ROCK!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Honestly, there are times I wish a nose was velcroed (not sure of spelling) on & off. I swear mine has been running for 24 hours straight. How much sleep did I get last night? Well, let's see it was done in 15 min. increments (again not sure of the spelling). It was as if I was a new mother with my nose waking me up constantly for sneezing or to be blown. How much mucus can one have? Yes, I realize this is disguisting but I'm starting to think my brain is leaking out of my nostrils.

Actually, my biggest concern is tomorrow's exciting 20 mile race. Imagine my nose running and stopped up. I'm going to need every air passage available in order to survive this thing. As if hills, pastures & wind weren't enough of a challenge let's just get rid of the nose. Seriously, who needs it? However, if I get to choose between stopped up or running i'm choosing to be stopped up. I don't think I can carry enough kleenex to cover this monstrous problem. I bought some allergy medicine today and not sure it was all that helpful. Maybe the cedar will disappear before tomorrow...I have no idea how the allergens actually work so I'm just going to hope for the best.

Update on the rooftop of my mouth- I still have to eat on the right side of my mouth. There are still missing parts on the left side that are ultra sensitive...OSTRICH!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just Because...

just thought i would revisit this post;-)


I really don't know what title I should use for this post...Ostrich was so kind to throw a party at his place for NYE but I've got an unfortunate "party favor," no it's not some strange cootie- get your heads out of the gutter.

I stopped by Ostrich's house around 10:30 or so after I had been at a party that was hosted in a parking lot, this totally brings back memories of NYE in high school. The downfall this evening is it was in the 30's a little chilly for my blood. Get to The Shire and there is tasty guacomole dip- yummy, and tons of other little foodie items. As the evening progresses Ostrich keeps pulling things out of the oven. The last thing was a spinach & artichoke dip. I was stoked, grab my little sourdough bread scoop and dig in. Let me preface that I'm standing by some people that don't know me very well, God Bless Them and there are tons of other people I just don't know at all. Bite into my bread thingy this dip is so effin' hot and what happens the dip super glues to the roof of my mouth. The curse words running through my head are frightening. I can't get it unstuck at all. I turn towards the kitchen another wad of people i don't know. I'm now facing the wall as my eyes well up with tear. Dear God It Won't get off the roof. I'm freaking out & if my mouth weren't full of food I would scream bloody murder. Finally I find a way to un-stick this f*n dip from my mouth and a blister immediately forms. GRODY!!! Who gets a blister on the roof of their mouth????

It's now Wednesday and putting anything remotely warm in my mouth still burns like heck...this may be a 2nd degree burn for all I know. I know one thing for sure I'm not standing near the food table at parties anymore. It still hurts to eat, more importantly it really hurts when i try to drink my coffee...

Thanks Ostrich, Really!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Steppin' Out in '07

That's what it's all about. Steppin' out, and no I don't mean the closet.;)

I haven't figured out all of the goals for this year but it's going to be spectacular!!!

1. AT&T Marathon (3:39)- which would qualify me for the Boston Marathon- big goal here.
2. Going back to school for Interior Design- this is sooo scary and so great at the same time
3. Dating- this is more scary than number 2 but it's time!

I am so stoked about this year I can't even explain it. There are sooo many great things in the works already.

8 more working days left until no more office;) oh, yeah!!

Last but not least HAPPY NEW YEAR!!