Monday, January 15, 2007

Numb Ass

Seriously, my ass is so numb from sitting on it ALL DAY LONG!!! I kid you not. I read an entire book today. This was supposed to be a holiday, not an ice storm day. Tomorrow is now cancelled and I'm down to 1 bottle of red wine, how could I let such a tragedy occur? I must have gone insane atleast temporarily.

My observations for the day. I did have the weather on all day. I get a kick out of watching our newscasters get amped up about the weather...dear goodness there must not be much to report on these days, which is a good thing I guess. Anyway back to my observations...Daytime Television- ok, if you're looking for some comedy (unintenitonal I'm pretty sure) you should catch some soap operas. I confess I was into the soaps when I was in college. What cracks me up is all the same actor/actress' are still on them. It's possible they've changed the actual soap they work for but really they are all the same. In my opinion these people didn't have much acting going for them (don't get me wrong I'd take their paycheck in a heartbeat) but seriously, could there be a bigger group of monotone people on the same show??? The biggest change I can see is the introduction of botox. In my soap watching days botox wasn't around, that has changed. Expressing emotions for monotone people is challenging enough but throw in some botox and it's a site to see. I wonder if it feels like their face is should ask the doctor prior to the shot perhaps???

Yet another tragedy to report- McDreamy did not win whatever award he was up for on the Golden Globes...this calls for a refill on my wine


Joey said...

I love to watch the weather guys get all worked up too. Yesterday Jim Spencer went on and on about how important the weather is, and how making sure everyone has up to date info is worth pre-empting the today show.


Jane said...

Whoever beat out McDreamy for the Golden Globe is clearly an idiot!