Monday, April 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

It's the final night of the posting war with Buzz, thank goodness;) This will also be my final post for this month obviously. Again, thank goodness;) Curious to see if he has 4 or 5 posts just waiting for him to hit the publish button and beat me...that would actually be a smart move and not one I intend to pull.

TV- I'm not one for watching tv with the exception of Greys Anatomy...leave me to my McDreamy ok, other than that I honestly don't need the thing. With that said I will confess I've been watching parts of The Bachelor this season. The only reason I am watching is because I know Andy from my SF days and yes, he really is a nice guy that happens to be super hot at the same time, go figure. The one thing that always baffles me about this show is the women. Do they honestly think they are going to find true love or is it the potential Hollywood discovery moment? As I type this last statement I realize they may actually think they can find love on this show. Have you ever noticed the majority of these women are in their early 20's with a few that cross the 25 threshold and one that's 30 or 31. The one that's crossed over to the dark side of her 30's gets the boot within the first 2 episodes it never fails. I'm sure no strange man is worth being stuck in a house of a bunch of young Ms. Thangs and their catty selves. Although the young Ms. Thangs are very entertaining not to mention great for ratings...the things they will do to get their man. It makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. 5 more minutes and it's on;)

Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the entire thing as I've committed to meeting 3 of my friends at 5:30am for a run. What was I thinking? I don't even have class tomorrow so technically I have no reason to get out of bed. Reason- I've been extremely lazy since the marathon and I'm watching my muscles disappear into thin air. Gettin' back on the work-out wagon.

Blogged Out

I know Buzz is kickin' my ass in the blog war but as the title says I'm blogged out. There are some stories I could tell but really just not in the mood. At this point I'm just trying to stay somewhat even with Buzz. He's at 12.25 (you tube is only .25 of a post) and this teenie tiny paragraph will put me at 12.

I am excited to announce I did my first brick last week. Thanks to Lulu for making me feel lazy she inspired me to get off my lazy bum and hit the gym. I did 22 min on the spin bike and a 2 mile run. I must say I really liked it. Actually I ran the run much faster than I had planned. I guess this has something to do with the high cadence on the bike making me want to keep moving my feet at a similar pace. I do have a lot of work to do on the bike before hitting the pavement with Amber & Lulu as they are getting much stronger and well, I haven't been on the pavement in a few years;) Oh, well it's time for a new challenge!!!

Bring it on!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

It's Really Going to Happen

Dear goodness I think it's really gonna happen. Argh!!! We're coming to the end of semester and I was thinking I'm safe I'm going to get through basic drawing without drawing a nude model, Yippee! My friend who is in Interior Design with me said when she took basic drawing they had a nude model everyday. My response, eeww, gross. Horrors, seriously. Today was the first day we started discussing the human body. I start counting how many more classes we have to figure out if it is humanly (no pun intended) possible to get to where we would need a nude model. As I'm doing the calculation Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes pipes in how cool it would be to draw one, has she lost her mind? There is no way I can do this with a straight face, are you kidding me? I barely got through the reproductive chapter in Biology class in high school and I'm pretty sure I haven't matured much since then. Seriously, when we were drawing the human figure today and the teacher mentions the wrist lines up with the crotch, I like to have fallen out of my chair I thought it was sooo funny. Crotch is only a word imagine a nekid (some may spell this as naked) person that I have to look at and draw. We all know the people that volunteer to be nekid (naked) in public are not good nekid (or naked). This just goes without saying. Good Grief!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Mexican Martini

Lately, I have had some strong cravings for a mexican martini. Now the challenge here is finding places that serve good ones. Let me tell you, if you order one and it's bad you could be scarred for life. I may need to start a list of places where not to order them, Freddies for yourself some money and stick to their margaritas. You can thank me later for this nugget of info.

This weekend I had to stay in like a good Samaritan and study or catch up rather on all of the reading I have not done for a final that I take on Wednesday. Some things about me haven't changed;) Now taking my cue from a friend of mine that finds time each and every weekend to sprinkle in some fun even though she has tons of work to crank out, I got the bright idea to walk over to Curras for you guessed it a mexican martini ( I remembered they have a pretty good one). Not to worry I took my books with me and am proud to announce that I cranked out a few chapters of reading/note taking. I highly recommend combining a good martini with the mundane tasks one has to deal with over the weekend. I must say this helped me to condense my note taking and leave out the trivial stuff that I can't ever decide if it's important to know or to discard.

Eventually I conned another friend to come meet me so I could have another martini and 3 later I rolled down the hill back to my house;)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Safety Question

I've been riding the bus to school all semester and today as I climb on board there's a new older gentleman behind the wheel. He looked a tad frail especially in comparison to the dude I'm used to driving. The bus was full today so I was stuck in the seats that face one another which means I'm going to be bouncing around and eventually land on one of my neighbor's lap. There's nothing to hold onto.

As I was sitting there I got to thinking why don't buses have seat belts? This makes absolutely no sense to me. That's a lot of lives in this little bus drivers hands. If you've ever been on IH-35 between ATX and San Marcos you've seen a number of flipped over vehicles...what happens if the bus flips over or goes sideways? That means flying bodies. Basically, you're either going to go flying elsewhere or get squished into grits. I really can't wrap my head around this one.

These thoughts brought to you by your Cruise Director, class dismissed!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Body Marking

If you ever want to see/touch a ton of hot bodies at once I highly recommend body marking for a triathlon. Now there are a few sacrifices to this rewarding experience such as getting up at 4:30am on Sunday; obviously this cuts into your exciting Saturday night plans but all for a good cause right? The alarm will go off and you will wonder how much you had been drinking when you agreed to do this. Your next thought will be how important are Maggie and Joey? Does the I'm too tired excuse work? Ok, so just a few more snoozes to think about where all of my cold weather clothes might be and I'm up.

5:20am Erin & I are off.

I will say up until today I never understood the reason for men to shave their arms & legs. Today I got it. Let's just say it's much easier to get a clear number on smooth skin. There were a few hairy hairy dudes that I thought I would never get their number on them. Obviously they can't completely help it but there's nothing wrong with men waxing. Just sayin.'

I did get to mark Desiree Ficker; she was #5!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Final Design Project

Finally, we're getting to the end of semester. My first semester back in school and oh, about 5 more to go. What's sad is I'm ready for this semester to be over. I really like it don't get me wrong, but the classes I'm currently in are all part of the preliminary curriculum which includes a very wacky/bizarre teacher.

Our final project for my design class is due next week. We're building a habitat on a 12X20 board. The idea is to build something one would never live in and to be super creative. Think Alice N' Wonderland or Hanzel & Gretel. Ok, sounds easy but once you factor in wacky teacher it has to be her type of creativity. Basically, any rough drafts you showed her she nixed. I opted to stop showing her what I was doing. I'll plead my case during presentation (this worked for my other project and I got an A). I just made a mental note of things she doesn't like- toothpicks, popsicle sticks, anything cutsie, funky colors and balanced. Apparently, creativity is all relative???

Now the real challenge begins once I start to glue/stick this thing together. Let me tell you they've got some strong adhesives on the market these days. There's this stuff called sticky back foam that feels and looks flimsy. I'm hear to tell you looks ARE deceiving. Whatever you do don't let it drop to the floor. I made this mistake and wasn't paying attention until the other day I decided to clean the previous project off of my kitchen table only to realize sticky back foam is super glued to the floor. I now have a new textured flooring;)

Friday, April 13, 2007


Alright, this is serious business Buzz!!! Our war has taken over our e-mails at this point. For those of you with gmail you know what I'm talking about. Your "chat" friends where you can write little one liners. Buzz and I don't bother with the e-mails anymore we talk through the 1-liners of our gmails. You may call us 2 mature adults with serious procrastinating issues. Personally I think Buzz is looking for more publicity or has serious attention issues, maybe a little of both. Notice the past 2 posts I have had are all about him and for anyone that doesn't know him my blog has become ultra boring. Keep in mind I've got to post like a maniac in order to win and we didn't set any guidelines about our posting other than a title with a YouTube video counts as .25 of a post.

I would like to note that Buzz is having 2 separate wars right now and their both with strong women. I don't know why he wants to take on a losing battle for himself this makes no sense to me???

I honestly need to work on my final project for my design class...I don't wanna;(

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Apparently, I'm in a posting war with Buzz who knew. His blog is listed to the right of this blog and no I don't know how to link. I get an e-mail from him today saying he's at 6 postings and to take that. I immediately click on his blog (I can't believe I'll admit to this during a time of War) because he really is funny. He's calling a title with a you tube video a post. I totally disagree with him, but being the generous person I am I gave him .25 for the post so really he's only posted 5.25 for this month. I'm going to kick his ass!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mimosas & Woodrows

I know it sounds really strange but Woodrows has a killer FROZEN mimosa. Honestly, I can't recommend them enough. Jarvis Girl and I discovered these luscious things on Saturday night, so taking our cue from Erin (side note- when Erin finds something she likes she goes back several days in a row) we promptly returned on Monday night to enjoy them again. I must say they are very tasty especially when your allergies are in high gear.

Was I supposed to go to core last night? yes. Did I? No. Laundry list of excuses- 2 major ones allergies killin' me and 2 major projects due this morning.

What do I do with a text from Jarvis about Mimosas NOW? Y-E-S. Did I get both projects done before 10pm? Yes. Did I get a good nights sleep? Hell Yes!!! Can I answer my own questions on my blog? Of course I can. ;)

Now I'm off to class!!!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Frozen Indoors

Seriously, I ventured out this morning to get some things for these projects that are due on Tuesday. It's frigid out there! Yes, I know all you Texans already know this. My point is I'm still in my coat indoors and have been here for 2 hours. I've also agreed to go to a friend's bbq this evening surely we get to stand inside while Gareth grills our food. He's a guy he can handle the cold. I totally think this is fair.

How does one motivate in this weather? Don't even ask me about my working out or lack there of. Erin I will be seeking motivation from you this summer when I take a long break from running;)

I guess I should get back to the projects or I'm going to really hate life tomorrow!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007


I have no idea what is going on with me but I'm extremely tired these days. The sad part is I can't fall asleep at night for the life of me. WTF??? This is annoying considering I'm a gal that likes her 8 hours of z's.

Yesterday I came home from an ultra long day at school, major project due that I've been working insane hours on (ok, not Jarvis insane, but Cruise Director insane)and I could barely hold my eyes open. I refuse to take a nap at 5:30pm considering that would definitely wreck havoc on my sleeping pattern or lack there of. I managed to stay somewhat awake until 9:30pm and slept until 8am. What's sad is I would really like to take a nap right now. It's 3pm.

I'm sad that I had to miss Creamy Flava last night. He puts on one heck of a show. Mayonnaise can you please forgive me?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Latest

I realize I've been a little slow in blogging these days, but seriously I haven't had much to say. However at this very moment I may start laughing out loud.

The joys of being a student means I get to go to coffee shops in the middle of the day to "work" on my homework/projects. It took 3 places before I could find a table next to an outlet...seriously, is this entire town independently wealthy with no job, a zillion students without afternoon classes, or a running ton of unemployeds. I'll let you decide. Anyway my point of deciding to blog is I'm outside at Austin Java on 12th St. This was the only table and it's windy making my homework difficult to hold down. However, I now have entertainment. There is an old man sitting at the next table who is either deranged or homeless and quite possibly both. He's sitting over here mumbling non-stop I decided to be polite and turn towards him to make sure he wasn't asking me a question only to see he is staring off in the distance clearly talking to himself. Thank goodness I really don't feel like entertaining at the moment. Apparently, he's done talking to himself because now he is panting. Maybe he's panting at the dog sitting at the table across from him. All I know is this hysterical.

The life of a student;)