Saturday, April 14, 2007

Final Design Project

Finally, we're getting to the end of semester. My first semester back in school and oh, about 5 more to go. What's sad is I'm ready for this semester to be over. I really like it don't get me wrong, but the classes I'm currently in are all part of the preliminary curriculum which includes a very wacky/bizarre teacher.

Our final project for my design class is due next week. We're building a habitat on a 12X20 board. The idea is to build something one would never live in and to be super creative. Think Alice N' Wonderland or Hanzel & Gretel. Ok, sounds easy but once you factor in wacky teacher it has to be her type of creativity. Basically, any rough drafts you showed her she nixed. I opted to stop showing her what I was doing. I'll plead my case during presentation (this worked for my other project and I got an A). I just made a mental note of things she doesn't like- toothpicks, popsicle sticks, anything cutsie, funky colors and balanced. Apparently, creativity is all relative???

Now the real challenge begins once I start to glue/stick this thing together. Let me tell you they've got some strong adhesives on the market these days. There's this stuff called sticky back foam that feels and looks flimsy. I'm hear to tell you looks ARE deceiving. Whatever you do don't let it drop to the floor. I made this mistake and wasn't paying attention until the other day I decided to clean the previous project off of my kitchen table only to realize sticky back foam is super glued to the floor. I now have a new textured flooring;)


Holly said...

what type of floor is it? Fingernail polish remover might help take it off.

Tim said...
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Buzz said...

Thank God you removed that damn ad from your comments, it looks like that guy hit all of the links off of my blog; that's the last time I mention ipod in one of my posts. Good job trying to keep up with me, but you are still .25 behind.

Jane said...

FYI, all of my comments have to be approved by me before being posted. No word verification, but I check to make sure no ads get posted. He tried to send one to my blog too, but...he was denied.

Great job, Katie!

You and me both - we will finish our big projects and then we will party like it's going out of style!

Kenny said...

Is it too late to make a sticky foam joke?

Katie said...

It's never too late for a good joke;)