Friday, June 22, 2007

Procrastination 101

I really think I should be a professional procrastinator. I'm extremely good at it. I've gotten rid of my wireless connection at home to cut down on my internet time and ways to procrastinate. As you can see today it's not helping me so much. I'm at The Green Muse using their internet when I'm really supposed to be studying for my bartender exam I'm taking this afternoon. Nevermind the big ass project I have to build this weekend. So far I have spent about 60 hours (in a 5 day period) on my project that is due this Monday and the sad thing is I have a good 20 or so more hours to go. I love school I really do it's just going to be an intense 2 years!!!

For the record I've wasted an entire hour perusing the net...guess I should get to bizness!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

3 Bitchy Volunteers

Let's just say Joey got 3 bitchy volunteers this morning for the Rogue water stop. At times some may have considered this an understatement;) It was the Brendas and me. 1. Brenda- a.k.a M. 2. Brenda- a.k.a 5'10". Just to keep you from getting super confused.

Our morning started at a whopping 4:30. Get to M's house where 5'10" is picking us up. Both 5'10" and I discuss that we wore our sports bras in order to change...poor M couldn't understand our conversation at all. This will make more sense in a bit. Sorry, M but I'm throwing your 'lil ass under the bus.

When one volunteers for a triathlon you may consider taking out cots to your area the day before much like the athletes take their bikes the day before the race. If you're not at body marking you will definitely have time to catch a few more z's before you're put to work.

First things first we go to volunteer check-in to get our much "needed" t-shirt. 5'10" and I were smart enough to plan ahead for the change without frightening the other women participants (don't ask me why it's an all female race). M, wasn't comprehending our earlier discussion on the sports bra, therefore we got the luxury of being blinded by the brightest & whitest bra I have ever seen in my lifetime. For sure if she's ever lost she can use the brighty whitey as her mayday signal. Ok, this gave us a good laugh...sounds like we're alive at this point.

Well, good thing we got to our water station when we did...we only got to sit around for about 2 hrs. The funniest thing is we have a few "over water achievers" who were itching to fill water cups at 6:30am. Come on people the race doesn't even start until 7 am and we are at mile 2 of the RUN!!! Again this gave us 3 bitches a good laugh.

Finally, we've got some athletes. M and I are ready with our water cups. M looks at 5'10" and says "don't you wanna get some cups???" 5'10" looks at her with utter disgust "uh, NO!" As if she could be bothered with such trivial things. This may have been the funniest thing ever.

Next on the list is my inability to release the water to an athlete. I was always taught to make eye contact with the water person so they knew you were taking their cup. Apparently, triathletes are very zoned. It may have been the 2nd gal to come through and she didn't have the look of "I'm taking water from you" so once I turned my head she decided to make a go for the cup in my hand which happened to be the same time I was rescinding my offer of water. Oops, hope it didn't mess up her time too much. At this time I realize I'm going to have to work on my release techniques. (Side note I've decided to wean myself off of caffeine- today may not have been the best day to start) Again the Brendas and me are in a fit of giggles because we can't get a pass-off rhythm and challenged probably isn't a strong enough word to describe us.

My favorite thing at races is a picky athlete. I have finally found my release water groove and as I'm passing to a gal she looks in it and says there's no ice. Are you kidding me??? NO WATER FOR YOU (Soup Nazi style). I swear people say the darndest things.

I'm real sure by the time we got to Freebirds for lunch I stunk to high heaven...get me a shower!!!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Whew! What a jam packed 1st week in school it was...way too much. So many projects that sleep was at a minimum, therefore, last night was all about catch up time. 10 full hours, ahhhh. Granted it had a lot to do with my practice ride for the UT cycle study and not being able to eat/drink anything (except for water) until 1pm. I felt like I had the worst hangover of my life without any alcohol being involved. Yes, that really is strange.

If I stop and think about this week of school which apparently is the equivalence of 1 month in a regular semester it's been fun. I have put together joints, built structures and am now working on reversing a picture. The structure stuff has been the most fun for me, and I'm proud to announce I haven't cut-off any body parts yet;) I think my favorite cutting material at the moment is the bass wood. Possibly because it looks most like unfinished wood. The chipboard was relatively easy to use as well, but I could only find it in a grey color and I really like color options.

I will admit time has not been on my side this week and it won't be on my side next week either. I got the bright idea of signing up for bartender's school that started this week too. What was I thinking??? It will be done next Friday then hopefully I can breathe/sleep again. What am I doing for a work-out at the moment? My cycle study and that may be it for 1 more week...I could have sworn summer was about good lazy fun. Clearly there is something wrong with me;)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Here We Go...

Oy, school started today. Lemme tell you that 8am start time down in San Marcos sure is early. I think they lured me in with the easy schedule of last semester. Yes, I realize it's summer so we're cramming a ton of stuff into a 5 week period.

My first project has some heavy duty cutting tools in it. I'm hoping not to lose any body parts since I won't have my wits about me for the next 5 weeks. It reminds me of my 6th grade art class and my first experience with the Xacto knife. I can hear Mrs. Johnston telling us now don't put your hands in front of the knife to hold the board down. What do I do??? Put my hand in front of the knife to hold the board down. What do I manage to hold together while chasing down Mrs. Johnston for some paper towels or something to keep my body parts in tact, my left thumb. Let's just say she was a little less than thrilled with me that day. Honestly, are both thumbs necessary?

Some other un-exciting news in my world. Today was my first day for the UT Cycle study. This was just to get my VO2 Max. Friday is a test run and I have to fast 12 hours prior, so I will be attending class on an empty stomach and no caffeine. It's going to be an interesting way to end my first week back at school.

VO2 Max- 45.4
Weight- Nunya
Height- Dear Lord I knew I was short but seriously...this is ridiculous, so again nunya. In my world albeit it's a small one I'm 5'7". It's my world remember!