Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Category 3

The Rolling Stones, Zilker Park, Oct 22nd and I was a category 3...makes for an interesting time to say the least. The afternoon, yes, this was a long school night, started out right. 4ish drinks at Lucky Lounge with some cool peeps and the understanding we would order pizza before heading down to Zilker for the show. Oh, yeah, you guessed right we never got around to the pizza part. I'm a 33 year young woman I know drinking on empty is no longer an option, problem is if I've already been drinking my decision making is questionable.

We're thinking we'll get to the park and get food there...keep in mind we were drinking at Lucky until the bitterend; get to the park lines way too long and we really NEED another drink before the Stones go on stage...again decision making skills not so great.

My friend, Mike, had some sweet tickets and the few brain cells left working we, I've dragged Jarvis girl with me, decide to text him and see where he is. Mike called back trying to give us directions to him...poor guy my comprehension of the English language wasn't going so well at this point. After asking him the same question for the 50th time I realize I should pull Sharon in on this. WE LOVE MIKE!!! He had wrist bands waiting for us to join him in the "special" radio shak section. Thank goodness we were ropped in I don't think I needed to be loose with 40 some odd thousand people...not too mention I was probably heading to a category 4.

Good times, great friends & a "somewhat" memorable night;)

Monday, October 16, 2006


Honestly, I have nothing to say I have some great photos to post from this past weekend, but life has been rather mellow since coming back from vacation. I know I'm back physically but mentally not so much...

ABSOLUTELY, nothing to report here. I've gotta ramp things up a bit.

AMAZING- I'm getting my ass handed to me week after week and it's AWESOME. Run from Hell was fantastic! I can tell I'm much stronger than last year. Can't wait to see how my first half-marathon goes, cross your fingers that my time shows my hard work.

Enough boring stuff...

80's Party at Tony's

All I know is my friend, Tony, put on a great 80's party at his house this past weekend complete with a splatter paint back-drop for pix, booze, 80's tunes for dancing (he even cleared out the living room for more space) & great friends.

Who doesn't love the 80's? I mean Pat Benatar "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" is the best song ever. The clothes- leggings are so comfortable, polyester- who cares if you have to sweat a little to look good, fishnet hose. Funny quite a bit of this is back in fashion, and yes the majority of my outfit was already in my closet. Best part about the 80's the BIG hair (I am a huge fan of hairspray) and the infamous mullet for the guys...seriously, Tim had women pawing all over him Saturday night.

Thanks Tony!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Keebler Elves

Who knew the Keebler Elves were Japanese? Honestly, this is the smallest doorway I've ever had to go through in order to get into a restaurant. I mean I'm "knee high to a grasshopper" and I had to squat, imagine regular sized people. Jane, you may have to crawl and you might as well stay on the ground and crawl all the way to the table because that too is on the floor. We had some great food at this place, no idea what the name of it is...

Cute little pots to cook our food on.

Then somewhere along the way they gave us costumes. Apparently, the Japanese are into changing their look after a few drinks.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We're Back...

So we're back from our 2 week trip to Tokyo and yes, we could have stayed longer.
AMAZING! That's the only thing I can say for the moment.

Wiley I'm trying not to disappoint.

Note to self either run when you are on vacation or take vacation when you're not training for a marathon.

Let's just say running once a week didn't prepare me for Tuesday's work-out. We did the "Warhurst" work-out. The name says it all. This had a variety of track work at 10k pace (1600m, 1200m, 800m & 2X400m) with a road/off road tempo mile in between. When it was all said and done this thing totaled 9.5 miles (including warm-up/cool down). My final 400 felt more like a toddler learning to walk. That's how wobbly my legs were. I guess this is one way of getting me out of vacation mode.

Wed morning run resembled a 90 year old shuffling down the street. I can't tell you how many times I almost fell flat on my face from not being able to pick my feet up off the ground. Good thing it was dark wouldn't want anyone to witness this lovely site.