Monday, October 16, 2006


Honestly, I have nothing to say I have some great photos to post from this past weekend, but life has been rather mellow since coming back from vacation. I know I'm back physically but mentally not so much...

ABSOLUTELY, nothing to report here. I've gotta ramp things up a bit.

AMAZING- I'm getting my ass handed to me week after week and it's AWESOME. Run from Hell was fantastic! I can tell I'm much stronger than last year. Can't wait to see how my first half-marathon goes, cross your fingers that my time shows my hard work.

Enough boring stuff...

80's Party at Tony's

All I know is my friend, Tony, put on a great 80's party at his house this past weekend complete with a splatter paint back-drop for pix, booze, 80's tunes for dancing (he even cleared out the living room for more space) & great friends.

Who doesn't love the 80's? I mean Pat Benatar "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" is the best song ever. The clothes- leggings are so comfortable, polyester- who cares if you have to sweat a little to look good, fishnet hose. Funny quite a bit of this is back in fashion, and yes the majority of my outfit was already in my closet. Best part about the 80's the BIG hair (I am a huge fan of hairspray) and the infamous mullet for the guys...seriously, Tim had women pawing all over him Saturday night.

Thanks Tony!!


Mike said...

I picked the wrong week to cut my mullet.

Katie said...

It could've been you!

MikeW said...

i'm so glad you posted something! I'm tired of all these people that have given up on their blogs.

Lupedawg said...

Who let Panther in a picture?

Jarvis said...

Katie: You are a prom queen! :)