Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My True Love

I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into back in 2000 when I pulled out a map of the US to figure out my next place of residency. There really is no method to my living madness other than I get bored and need a new adventure, which tends to involve me moving to another state. I figure why not, if I don't like it I can leave. It's safe to say I fell head over hills in love with San Francisco. I can't explain it but there's something about this city that makes me feel alive like no other place can or does. Don't get me wrong I like Austin just fine but my heart belongs to SF.

Seriously, words can't describe my love of it. I would walk my neighborhood almost every night out to the lion steps just to take in the fresh air and beauty of it all. Like some people hug trees (Kerry) I walk the hills to see the views of the water. I am well aware it costs a mini-fortune to live there and it's worth every pretty penny to do it at least once.

I guess I should come clean with the fact it was 75 degrees and sunny the entire time I was there earlier this month, and normally July is the coldest month out there, but whatever. I got a little trigger happy with the camera to take it all home with me.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


and one sore ass later my latest UT Cycling study has begun. Honestly, my decision making abilities need to be revoked. I've said this before (in another post I can't recall) and I'll say it again. I may need someone else to tell me if I'm making the right decision or not. I say this in jest...

A few weeks ago i got an e-mail from Lynne over at UT wanting to know if I had time to do another cycling study. If so, was i still cycling. Well, if you count my ride at the Katy Flatlands last July as still riding then yes. Ok, so I didn't tell her that part. I vaguely payed attention to the length of the study and all it would require. As a student all I saw was the dollar amount and followed by a 'yes, I'd love to participate.'

So yesterday was the 'practice' ride. Seriously, why didn't I read that e-mail. I'm thinking no biggie I've fasted for these things before I've survived, how bad could it be. Way worse than my crazy head could imagine! After fasting for 12 hours and waking up hungry I had the privilege of riding a bike for 3 hours. Yeah, you read that right 3 hours on an empty stomach. Have I mentioned my bony butt...I think now is a good time to do just that. I have a very bony ass. When I drove from San Francisco to Austin every night I landed in a hotel I had to lay on my stomach and massage my ass back to life. In fact, I need to make a butt pumper. Something that can fluff a person's bony ass back to life.

Ok, for starters Lisa left my watch on...I love it when I sneak my gigantic watch by the timing Nazis. About 1.25 hours into my ride Lisa sees it and confiscates it...damn it!!! I really need to know how much longer I have on this bike. Now we'll get back to my bony ass. It's a total toss up in what's more miserable my growling stomach or my numb seat bones. I kid you not my butt was numb around the half-way point. The good news is you're able to stop and take a potty break. This proves to be a good thing. Gives me a chance to pump some life back into my bony ass. Again I need to make a butt pumper. I took 2 potty breaks. 1. because I actually needed to go and 2. because sitting on a bike for 3 straight hours is wrong!

By the end of the 3 hours my arms couldn't even hold the handle bars anymore I was so hungry. Normally I'm not one to want food directly after a hard work-out. Yesterday was different. The second I jumped off that bike I started slamming calorie drinks along with the biggest PB&J my eyes have ever seen. Lynne makes a wicked PB&J. By the time I finished stuffing my face I looked like a 6 month old pregnant lady in cycling shorts...not a good look for a single person;-)

The good news is I can bring my own bike seat with me next week. I think bike shorts and bike seats deserve their own post along with my bony ass;-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Cancers!!!

Good friends, great memories and a ton of wine;-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

So True

I saw this quote on a friend's facebook page and I couldn't agree more;-)

"I'm impatient, selfish, and a little insecure. I'm hard to handle and out of control sometimes. I may get down on myself and come to you for help a lot. But, if you can't handle me at my worst...then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
-Marilyn Monroe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th of July

My mom was truly worried about her daughter having the 4th of July as a birthday. I mean seriously, a child's b-day is all about cupcakes at school and everyone in your class giving you a birthday card or better yet an actual gift. Little did my mother know this would be the best day to have a birthday. I mean let's be real I NEVER work on this day not too mention my friends NEVER work on this day either...needless to say there is no excuse not to share a toast on this day...'my' day. I say this in jest but it truly is the best day to have a birthday.

My mother shared this concern with me several years ago and then said "you've always managed to make your birthday celebration last an entire week so I decided maybe it wasn't so bad after all." No Mom it's really not so bad after all;-)

This year was no different if not better than all my previous years and I'm grateful for it. I was not looking forward to the whopping 35th year of my life. I mean it's a rather large number (yes, I know some of you are older but this is about me) and closer to 40 than 34. I'm also in college surrounded by young 20-somethings. Granted you could not pay me to go back to my 20's but staying 30 wouldn't be so bad. However, with each passing year my life gets better and better so maybe the age thing ain't so bad.

Here's to being 35!