Monday, December 31, 2007

Just Because...

just thought i would revisit this post;-)

Ostrich (NYE '07)

I really don't know what title I should use for this post...Ostrich was so kind to throw a party at his place for NYE but I've got an unfortunate "party favor," no it's not some strange cootie- get your heads out of the gutter.

I stopped by Ostrich's house around 10:30 or so after I had been at a party that was hosted in a parking lot, this totally brings back memories of NYE in high school. The downfall this evening is it was in the 30's a little chilly for my blood. Get to The Shire and there is tasty guacomole dip- yummy, and tons of other little foodie items. As the evening progresses Ostrich keeps pulling things out of the oven. The last thing was a spinach & artichoke dip. I was stoked, grab my little sourdough bread scoop and dig in. Let me preface that I'm standing by some people that don't know me very well, God Bless Them and there are tons of other people I just don't know at all. Bite into my bread thingy this dip is so effin' hot and what happens the dip super glues to the roof of my mouth. The curse words running through my head are frightening. I can't get it unstuck at all. I turn towards the kitchen another wad of people i don't know. I'm now facing the wall as my eyes well up with tear. Dear God It Won't get off the roof. I'm freaking out & if my mouth weren't full of food I would scream bloody murder. Finally I find a way to un-stick this f*n dip from my mouth and a blister immediately forms. GRODY!!! Who gets a blister on the roof of their mouth????

It's now Wednesday and putting anything remotely warm in my mouth still burns like heck...this may be a 2nd degree burn for all I know. I know one thing for sure I'm not standing near the food table at parties anymore. It still hurts to eat, more importantly it really hurts when i try to drink my coffee...

Thanks Ostrich, Really!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kenny + Rendering/Annoying= A+

Who knew it was possible...that I could make an A+ on my rendering. I didn't like them so I really had no expectations. However, the following pic got me an A+ and a compliment from my professor. I'm learning in the design world of teachers nothing is good enough. Trust me I'm well aware of how picky I am but these people make me look like a pleasable (not sure that's a word but you get my drift) person. Goodness gracious. Well, without further ado the A+ is...

PS- Rudolph's kitchen was an A. Not too shabby if I don't say so myself!!!

PPS- IPM it probably is crooked. Depends on how I run the 24X36 page through the plotter (the shrinking part) if it will come out straight.