Monday, June 04, 2007

Here We Go...

Oy, school started today. Lemme tell you that 8am start time down in San Marcos sure is early. I think they lured me in with the easy schedule of last semester. Yes, I realize it's summer so we're cramming a ton of stuff into a 5 week period.

My first project has some heavy duty cutting tools in it. I'm hoping not to lose any body parts since I won't have my wits about me for the next 5 weeks. It reminds me of my 6th grade art class and my first experience with the Xacto knife. I can hear Mrs. Johnston telling us now don't put your hands in front of the knife to hold the board down. What do I do??? Put my hand in front of the knife to hold the board down. What do I manage to hold together while chasing down Mrs. Johnston for some paper towels or something to keep my body parts in tact, my left thumb. Let's just say she was a little less than thrilled with me that day. Honestly, are both thumbs necessary?

Some other un-exciting news in my world. Today was my first day for the UT Cycle study. This was just to get my VO2 Max. Friday is a test run and I have to fast 12 hours prior, so I will be attending class on an empty stomach and no caffeine. It's going to be an interesting way to end my first week back at school.

VO2 Max- 45.4
Weight- Nunya
Height- Dear Lord I knew I was short but seriously...this is ridiculous, so again nunya. In my world albeit it's a small one I'm 5'7". It's my world remember!


ironmaggie said...

I didn't know you are taking summer school. way to go.
hmmm, and you're doing the UT cycle study?? you're going to become an animal on the bike just like Erin!
proud of ya.

Mike said...

Thumbs good.

holly said...

I always really liked summer school. The classes always seemed more laid back even thought we had less time.

Do you have to wear safety goggles?

Katie said...

I think I need a safety outfit.

No goggles...I think the eyeballs are safe for the moment;)

Jane said...

Katie, good luck with classes!! I could be talked into study hall even though I'm done with my school. I still love coffee shops, good friends, and a good book!

What time at UT? I'll have to try to swing by? (I've tried with Erin a couple of times and am usually forgetful, but let's try).

Katie said...

Jane- I'm at UT for the next 3 Fridays starting at noon. I'm not sure how long I'm on the bike at least an hour would be my guess.

You should definitely come see me!

Missychel said...

oh.....sweet. have fun with the study.

I think you should wear a chain mesh protective suit to class.

Mike said...

Summer school is cool because you can skip and go to Barton Springs.