Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mimosas & Woodrows

I know it sounds really strange but Woodrows has a killer FROZEN mimosa. Honestly, I can't recommend them enough. Jarvis Girl and I discovered these luscious things on Saturday night, so taking our cue from Erin (side note- when Erin finds something she likes she goes back several days in a row) we promptly returned on Monday night to enjoy them again. I must say they are very tasty especially when your allergies are in high gear.

Was I supposed to go to core last night? yes. Did I? No. Laundry list of excuses- 2 major ones allergies killin' me and 2 major projects due this morning.

What do I do with a text from Jarvis about Mimosas NOW? Y-E-S. Did I get both projects done before 10pm? Yes. Did I get a good nights sleep? Hell Yes!!! Can I answer my own questions on my blog? Of course I can. ;)

Now I'm off to class!!!


ironmaggie said...

Yes! definitely go back for several days in a row for the mimosas!
proud of you for getting your projects done. I think you deserve another mimosa for your accomplishment.

Katie said...

Maggie- you're so right I do DESERVE another Mimosa;) I like the way you think!

Jane said...

I think that a more appropriate ending for this blog would have been..."class dismissed!"

Katie said...

You're so right. Where's Lindsey when I need her???

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a masculine guy, but I must say that I'm going to have to don a disguise and get a frozen mimosa....they sound really good. Maybe it's time to get in touch with my fem. side. KE