Monday, April 16, 2007

Body Marking

If you ever want to see/touch a ton of hot bodies at once I highly recommend body marking for a triathlon. Now there are a few sacrifices to this rewarding experience such as getting up at 4:30am on Sunday; obviously this cuts into your exciting Saturday night plans but all for a good cause right? The alarm will go off and you will wonder how much you had been drinking when you agreed to do this. Your next thought will be how important are Maggie and Joey? Does the I'm too tired excuse work? Ok, so just a few more snoozes to think about where all of my cold weather clothes might be and I'm up.

5:20am Erin & I are off.

I will say up until today I never understood the reason for men to shave their arms & legs. Today I got it. Let's just say it's much easier to get a clear number on smooth skin. There were a few hairy hairy dudes that I thought I would never get their number on them. Obviously they can't completely help it but there's nothing wrong with men waxing. Just sayin.'

I did get to mark Desiree Ficker; she was #5!


Erin said...

Could you please part your body hair so I can write your number on you?

And make sure your forehead is nice and clean so that the big "S" shows up!

Hector said...

You calling my dad a liar? Now you have a pissed off Mexican dog hunting you (you should be easy to find, just look for the lady that smells like LA and mimosas).

Lulu said...

I am guessing Wiley hasn't read this post - he can't see the words 'Desiree Ficker' without commenting, drooling, getting chubby, etc, etc.

Joey said...


Thanks so much for coming out and helping with the race. It really means a lot to me. Seriously, next time I see you the first couple of ritas are on me.


ironmaggie said...

I feel so important!
Thanks so much for helping Katie!