Thursday, January 25, 2007

School Has Changed

Wow! I've been out of school for well, let's just say a while. Things have changed so much it's insane. The obvious thing is the cell phone & Ipod world. Everyone is on the phone or plugged into their phone or Ipod...ok, so that's a minor one. The student center has Hip-hop playing on the loud speakers, plasma tvs everywhere (this blows my mind) and the food choices are overwhelming. When did Pizza Hut come to school? Maybe I'm just a backassward Cajun that is slow (don't answer that one) but things are different and I'm diggin' it!

Question- when is the last time you were listening to the Beastie Boys during lab? Yeah, it really makes the un-exciting lettering project go a little faster when you're groovin' to the Red Hot Chile Peppers. Oh, yeah all of my professors allow cell phones just put them on vibrate and step outside. Obviously, I have some cool professors this go 'round. They are all very approachable so bizarre and fantastic. I don't know maybe because my class size is less than 20 students per class. This is very different for a gal that went to LSU where the average class size was more like 200 students. It is just mind boggling.

Now for the not so great changes in the school world. I apologize ahead of time if I offend you but it's my bog.

The downside of our fast pace "school" society is the influx of the vending machines EVERYWHERE. I'm talking every building and on all floors. The coke machine is the 20oz size cokes, apparently, we need more caffeine? The junk food make my eyes wanna bulge right out of my head. Trust me the reeses peanut butter cups are way to close for comfort if you know how sweet my tooth is. It's been quite a fight not to put a lot of money into the junk food since I'm rarely around it. This weekend will be figuring out the food situation. I am ultra hungry all the time.

So what I've noticed in the college world is it's not the Freshman 20lbs anymore it's looking like 30lbs+. Maybe part of high school graduation should require a nutrition class. I really feel sorry for some of these people that just don't understand how to eat or what to eat. There is a reason we are such an obese society. I'm sure this was all discussed in the Super Size Me movie, but I haven't seen it.

I have survived my first full week of school. Yipee!!

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Donald said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today. Good luck with your schooling. You definitely need to see Super Size Me!