Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh, My

Wow! Today was my first full day of school. Holy Toledo do I have my work cut-out for me.

I'll start from the beginning (this will be long)...
The Bus Ride
I had visions in my head of what the bus ride would be...sipping my coffee while reading, studying or catching up on some z's. Let's just say that's not what this bus ride was about. Granted I hadn't thought much about it other than someone else doing the driving. I'm the last pick-up before heading to San Marcos. Guess what- a packed bus. Now I will say the seating on this bus is NOT very efficient it's more like a city bus. Single row seating facing center until you get to the back door then finally they do double seats. This really didn't make sense to me since we would be on I35. I don't think safety is on their mind for this joy ride. You guessed it I got to stand up the whole way...Oh, Boy!! Have I mentioned the weight of my backpack? Let's just say me and the backpack just might weigh the same.

I will say there were some interesting peeps all around me. The guy behind me has been doing this for a while and says in about 6 weeks it will thin out due to people dropping classes. I'm pretty sure all the grey hairs onboard will be with us for the duration;)

First Class
ID1321 (Interior Design)- I honestly didn't know what this class was about there wasn't a description of it when signing up I just know I have to take it in order to get into the program full-time. This is a class & a lab. We haven't been to class yet, it was lab this morning. I think the ice storm had our professor a tad stressed out. She was a little frantic about us completing the "lettering" project by Thursday. Seriously, I have horrible hand writing and after 33 years of this bad hand writing she wants me to have this changed/perfected by Thursday to turn in. Ok, onward to the next class/lab.

Drafting- again I don't know what this entails other than some weird ass rulers, triangles, lots of pencils and me going cross-eyed. Yes, we actually have rulers that part is to be read from rt to lft (this is normal in my small world) and shares a different set of numbers that you read from rt. to lft (this I don't consider normal).

I am worn out this evening and missed my speed work-out this am so I get to do that early shirley and on my own;)


Faithful Soles said...

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Mike said...

Thanks Robert.

Sweet...you get to use a scale, Katie. Very fun.

I'm proud of you for doing something new...today I tried to fix my car and failed so I took a nap.

Katie said...

Naps are always good;)

i'm getting ready to work with my engineer scale this am...got homework to turn in. Argh!

MikeW said...

is carpooling not an option?

Anonymous said...

Remember to put your name on your homework! I'm serious. :) I'm also proud you are doing this. Your big fan, --sj