Monday, January 01, 2007

Steppin' Out in '07

That's what it's all about. Steppin' out, and no I don't mean the closet.;)

I haven't figured out all of the goals for this year but it's going to be spectacular!!!

1. AT&T Marathon (3:39)- which would qualify me for the Boston Marathon- big goal here.
2. Going back to school for Interior Design- this is sooo scary and so great at the same time
3. Dating- this is more scary than number 2 but it's time!

I am so stoked about this year I can't even explain it. There are sooo many great things in the works already.

8 more working days left until no more office;) oh, yeah!!

Last but not least HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Tiffany said...

Don't worry, chiquita! I will find you a man to date when I am in Austin :)


Lulu said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Remember what I said about Duathlon - lots of guys, not very many girls. Perfect combination!

Buzz said...

I'm sure you'll find plenty of straight men to date in the interior design field.

(I know you'll be successful in all of your goals).

Katie said...

Lulu- yes, I will deinitely keep that in mind. I do own a bike w/ some serious flat tires.

Buzz- I'll be sure to send those design guys your way;)

Kenny said...

What about goal #4: evict Mayor McMouse in the House?

Katie said...

yes, Kenny the effin' mouse. I haven't "seen" him lately but it's just now cold again...i've got more glue sticks and other bizarre bags it will eat through that are "guaranteed" to kill it...i think the rat kill biz is nuthin' more than a bunch of bs...and they make money at it.

somethin' to think about while i'm in school;)

MikeW said...


Mike said...

Boston, yes. Let's go. I have my work cut out. Shit we all do!

My verification word is "hzahm." Strangely enough I had a friend growing up as a kid named "Hazem." We used to play with fire before the bus came.

What are we going to do while everyone is working??

Erin said...

Mike & Katie - we need you guys! Someone has to entertain us while we are at work!!

Katie said...

I'm still working. well, i shouldn't call this morning working as i've done nothing more than surf the net, but i'm still getting paid which is a good thing;)

I'll see what i can do!