Sunday, September 21, 2008


My training so far this season has been lacking rhythm. Having off runs is one thing, but several months of bad running is annoying. I guess all of these years I've been lucky. Granted my running/training has always been sporadic. I'm finding the older I get the less sporadic I should be. I'm much more sane with running than without it. Remember sanity is relative and I prolly wouldn't be the poster child for it...just statin' the facts people;-)

Back to the point of my post. Saturday, 'Stella, got her groove back.' Words can't explain Saturday's run. I've felt like a lost soul for awhile now, but Saturday, my soul was found, YEEHAW!!! BTW running is my religion. Seriously, much cooler temps, a sunrise, an all-out 3rd mile on the track, barton hills to climb at the end & great friends to run with what more can a gal ask for...21.7 miles, check!!!

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jeff said...

katie! that is SWEET news! remember the taste of that run and save it for savoring when you have a bum day.