Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Old Dog New Tricks

It's official. I am retiring my flip phone...can we observe a moment of silence???
Ok, thanks! This phone and I have spent a lot of time together...the face is pretty much warn off. There is no back cover, which means one must hold the battery in place in order to talk on the phone. I can't lie hearing on that thing was next to impossible and texting took forever and a day. But still I did not want a smartphone. I know I live in the dinosaur world...My own parents have had iPhones (My Dad prefers the Blackberry Torch.) for several years now, and I act like the world has ended with my recent upgrade. Here are some pix of the retired LG.
My phone didn't come with spearmint gum, unfortunately.

So, yesterday I got home and there on my doorstep was the infamous iPhone from Verizon. I can't lie, she's a beauty...I immediately started setting her up and getting all my regular sites uploaded...iTunes ready, but most importantly I can now check my gmail at work and listen to Pandora. Two sites that had been blocked from my work computer. Now, if I can remember to charge this thing we'll be good! My flip only needed to be charged a few times a week...I'll miss you lil LG.

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mikeINaustin said...

Bye bye, lil' LG!