Monday, February 21, 2011


Yep, not sure if this has been around for a while or not, but I'm noticing lots of black rooms these days. While I love black in my clothes, I almost always have a black piece on, I wasn't so sure my thoughts on a black room. However, I've found some fantastic rooms using the color. Guess what, I've found so many pix that this will be another 2 post phase. My dear dear friend, Paul, sent me his pix of using black but those are at home. Naturally, I need to share his stuff and a picture of him too.
 I may need to add yellow chair to my dream master bath...I love it in this bathroom.
I have to say I really like the black in rooms that get lots of natural light. It tends to keep away a cave like feel, which isn't my story. Just my opinion.

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