Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ahhh, The Dress

Oh, how I love a great dress. I mean 1 piece to pick, add shoes some accessories and out the door you go...not too mention it makes me feel so feminine. When you have the mouth of a trucker you need all the girly help you can get.

 I am currently in love with the dress much so, I won't got near the store...although, I have the perfect shoes to go with comes in a more neutral color but I adore the bold color here, like notice me NOW!

 I absolutely adore long elegant dresses. They are comfortable and beautiful all at once...not an easy feat I might add.
 Super fun and super girly.
lucky mag/ marc jacobs
 I entered the lucky mag contest to try and win the above fun would that be?

prabal gurung,
I find the drape of this dress fantastic. Not too mention the length. I feel the need to spin in circles while whipping the bottom around like a fan.

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