Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Nothing makes my heart sing more than a to-do list, especially, when it's all crossed off. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I'm known to do something that wasn't on the list then write it just so I can cross it off. Not sure what to think of that. With the love of lists comes notebooks, spiral ones in fun colors to be exact. Oh, how I love a spiral notebook to the point I can no longer go to Target. They got smart and started placing them on the main aisles...I can't resist, then I can't decide so I walk out with 3 new ones. Ugh!!! Now, I keep all kinds of things in these notebooks. There are to-do lists, grocery lists, budgets, quotes, things I'm grateful for, books read, books to read and random notes sprinkled all about. I have to have a reason to buy these gems.


 A pocket in the front makes me swoon...not sure why, maybe I can store receipts here randomly.

Wine on the Keyboard

Wine on the Keyboard


erin said...

I feel like you are blogging all of my loves!! First peacock blue... next notebooks... are robots next? ;) Seriously, I'm thinking of painting my whole front room peacock blue. Want to offer any input? I'm excited!

Katie said...

I was thinking of you when writing about lists. I bet you also write things down just to cross them off. I'd love to give input on the best color in the WORLD!!!