Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gray, Gray Go Away!!!

Alright, I've decided to be honest with myself...February is not my month, in all truth and honesty I don't think it's ever been my month. The good news is I know why...all this gray weather demotivates me. I know what you're thinking that's an excuse...maybe it is, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm grumpy. It was sunny and warm on Monday I was so excited I almost burst out of my own skin. I ran the furthest I've run since October and it was AWESOME!!! So what am I doing about my grumpiness...planning trips and looking at pix that make me smile that's what I'm doing. Take that gray weather!!!

Goggle Umbrella via Swiss Miss
 I really could have used this umbrella when I lived in San Francisco...rain never fell straight on your head it was alway coming at you sideways. Great invention.

The above pix are from House of Turquoise.
 Ok, the above view is a no brainer...I would like to be there NOW!!!

I can't remember what blog I saw this on...sorry.
 If there's one thing I love to do every single day of my life it's reading...I love seeing home libraries and love the color organization in this one. Should I ever decide to organize my loft space it will become my home library.

Another one I can't remember where??? Help...
 Ok, this kitchen can brighten any day...hello, green cabinets, you make me smile!

SR Gambrel
 Currently, I'm digging white rustic wood floors. I love the hint of gray-green to add a smidgen of color to this kitchen.

SR Gambrel
Do I really need to explain why I love this pic??? Well, in addition to the AMAZING color, I love a wall full of frames, whether it's artwork or personal pix I love it!!!

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dr mel said...

That landscape looks very familiar - Greece?

I love seeing all of your design images! It is very inspiring. We need to have you back over to the house sometime so you can see the finished walls!