Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Design

As luck would have it I ran across another peacock room and must share with all 3 of you.

Architectural Digest
Another confession...I really like blues & yellows together. Whoa, was I excited when I ran across this pic. Now I'm moving on...

I swear I can look at design all day long and seeing as work is a tad slow at the moment I've been doing just that, lookin' at design. Really all I'm going to do is post a bunch of pix. I've never known how to wrap my head around the love I have for master bathrooms, more than likely there will be several posts on this subject. Today I've found some that I like and then parts of the bathrooms I like.

Architectural Digest
I love a sit-down and relax vanity in the bathroom to get all dolled up for the day.

Elle Decor
I think chandeliers in the bathroom are magnificent. Notice when I love something I have the most elementary explanation...I love it, I just do!

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

While I'm not much of a traditionalist I do like the elegance of the above bathroom.

Elle Decor
I'll take this view to go with my chandelier.

I like the open shower in this bathroom.

And just for something a little more colorful I leave you with this...


Jon said...

Me likey the second to the last - clean, simple, modern. I'd prefer a glass door instead of a curtain, or extending the glass out just a little more - but beggars can't be choosers.....

Katie said...

I totally agree. I'll have to find the bathroom I saved that has a glass shower and extends out to include a spa tub also enclosed in the glass...super cool. I can see you with a very modern design...