Friday, January 07, 2011

6,996 gr/ms

That number may be the death of's a cedar high and apparently, the highest count Austin has seen since 2004. I didn't live here at the time. In fact the first 2 years I lived here I didn't have an allergy to cedar. Then came my third year and I thought I had the flu...FOREVER! I started talking to people and everyone said the same thing...oh, when I first moved here cedar didn't bother me, then my 3rd year it hit. Well, same thing happened to me.

Today was brutal, words can't even begin to describe my discomfort. I will use picture descriptions to explain my day. 1st part of day spent in various meetings, here's what I looked like

I was that annoying gal that couldn't stop....however, this action got me out early. Feel free to try this the next time your stuck in an uneventful meeting.

I got an IM from a friend that wanted to meet in our cafe for lunch for maybe 20 minutes. I said sure but I must warn you my nose is totally stuffed and in order to eat I have to stop mid-chew and breathe. Eating with a stopped up nose makes me feel like a dog dying of thirst in the Austin summer heat. Here's me at lunch:

This look totally elevates my sex appeal, wouldn't you agree?

It has been a long day and I don't think my nose is tired of running yet. I will say it's good to be home where I can use my sinus squeeze bottle to help with the clogged parts. Is there a max number of times one squirt saline/hot water through their nose??? Usually, you use half the bottle per nostril...I'm using 2 full bottles per nostril. Not sure this is good for me. 

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