Friday, January 21, 2011

Current Obsession

More than likely the second I hit post this obsession will be old news to me and I will have moved on in my color world. This has been on my mind for quite sometime, but can't seem to get around to sharing such exciting of 1 I'm sure! I am in LOVE, like take my breath away make my heart skip beats kinda love, with peacock blue...sometimes leaning towards turquoise in shade and sometimes leaning towards navy. I think I've always loved blue...growing up my parents foyer was a deep navy, and I loved the boldness of it. Being the visual person that I am I will show my love through the various pix I've found online.
I love the simplicity and strength of the color in this living room, very soothing.
 I think the boldness of this library speaks for itself. Another obsession of mine is layers in a room...

And if you don't wanna paint a room you can always put in your wardrobe;-)

Now time for a new obsession!

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mikeINaustin said...

ha! I have a wall that color!