Sunday, January 09, 2011


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It's official my New Year New Word is going to be LOVE.
Not the typical sappy meaning of love, although I think falling in love is spectacular and it's part of the reason...
The word love makes me smile. It's a happy word no matter what. I want more of happy. Love makes me think of the sunshine, fresh flowers, it reminds me to be grateful, graceful and kind.

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Now I will admit I chose this word even before the          new year began...but as luck would have it my first  week into the new year was anything but love. So I had to spend the weekend adjusting my attitude  and now I'm putting it out there!

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So thank you Tolly for the idea of a word in place of resolutions.

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dr mel said...

LOVE it. :)

Wishing you much love in the new year, my friend.