Thursday, December 07, 2006


When I looked at my schedule for the week I like to have died when I saw Warhurst set for Thursday. Usually Tuesday is the harder work-out and Thursday easier...that easy business is all relative I assure you. The last time we did this work-out I could barely get back to the Annex I was in so much pain. Granted it was my first work-out after a 2 week vacation which consisted of no running.

Here are the details
Warm-up to Austin High
1600m- 10k pace (on track)
Deep Eddy mile- tempo
1200m- 10k pace
Deep Eddy Mile- tempo
800m- 10k pace
Deep Eddy Mile- tempo
2X400- FAST

Ok, so everything started off fine I'm always nervous before these work-outs because I never know if I can actually do the thing at the paces I need to hit. I wasn't kidding when I said my marathon goal was lofty and my macro-schedule is based on that goal.

1600m- 7:22 (too fast- 7:28)
Deep Eddy Mile- 8:08 (too slow- 7:55)
1200m- 5:41 (too slow-5:36) No idea how i'll get through this thing.
Deep Eddy Mile- 8:20 ( i suck)
800m- 3:44 (dead on!)
Deep Eddy Mile- 8:27 (now i really suck)
400m- 1:47 (oh yeah!)
400m- 1:50 ( i would like to die now)

As I've said in previous posts I am the caboose of this group and today was no different. Sisson gives me a high 5 at the end and for some odd known reason I thank him. His response is to laugh AT me. Note when dealing with Sisson he is always laughing AT you never With you and you love him anyway. Thank goodness he has Ruthie!

I was beating myself up about the Deep Eddy Miles since I sucked so bad on them and I'm thinking how in the world am I going to hit my marathon goal when I can't tempo this stupid friggin' mile. I decided not to dwell on this fact because I really have to believe in this goal in order to achieve it. So let's take a look at the times from the first Warhurst work-out. Side note- the first time we did this work-out we were working date paces and not goal paces.

1600m-8:05 (too fast 8:15)
Deep Eddy- 9:00 (too slow- 8:44)
1200m- 6:08 (too fast- 6:11)
Deep Eddy- 9:47 (seriously?)
800m- 4:08 (too slow- 4:07)
Deep Eddy- 9:45
400m- 2:00
400m- 2:00

He said I would get stronger and He is right. Game on!


Sisson said...

Quit beating yourself up, Katie. You are very close to goal times, everyone really struggles on the Deep Eddy Miles, & your did earn the high 5. I don't always laugh AT people; some times I laugh AT & WITH people, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! --sj

Wiley Coyote said...

I miss these fun workouts.
: (