Sunday, December 03, 2006


Really the title says it all. I've got to recommit to my goals. Ok, so the only one the cyberworld knows about is my marathon goal of 3:39 which I should be able to do, BUT I've got to get my head back in the game. The past 2 weeks have been anything but running. I would like to blame Thanksgiving for this since 2 of my work-outs I wouldn't meet with my running group. This of course resulted in a tailword spin in the wrong direction. I've come to realize I'm a lazy person (will be working on this shortly) if I'm not meeting people for my runs I don't do them. Now keep in mind I don't sleep well when I don't workout and for some strange reason this doesn't motivate me to get off my ass and go do it anyway.

Starting Monday morning (it will be 29 degrees) I will get my sorry bum out of the bed early and take care of my 60 min run!!!

The other commitment I need to work on is figuring out my career, ok, so not the whole thing but start taking steps in that direction. I have an idea and I've started my school application process but will need a part-time gig as well. I actually think I know what the part-time gig will be it will require more committing. Now it just looks like I'm talking to myself on my computer...bizarre!! The New Year is going to be great!

Wiley- I got your comment;)


mikew said...

good stuff!

Anonymous said...

But of course. The new year *will* be great! You are great. --sj