Friday, July 13, 2012

Can it be?

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I read the following poem on one of the Positive Patty blogs I follow...I like it...

Can it be
that life has afforded me
the chance to be,
to sink or swim on a whim
as earth spins on a pin?
Whatever floats your boat is buoyancy you see.

Can it be?

Can it be
that my soliloquy
can be heard
without a herd
through thick and thin
with legs to run up under the sun?
Whatever melts your butter
is heat aflutter.
Isn’t that neat?

Can it be
that my eyes can see
as far as they can see
up to what lies in
the edge of the horizon?
Whatever lights your candle
is the spark that’s aim became a flame.
Is it all the same?

Can it be
that our brains can admire
that which we can inquire,
before we must expire?
We better aspire
to live man-on-wire.
Whatever blows your hair back
is the wind, I grinned.
“Life is short,” I rescind.
Life is life. Let it be lived without chagrin.

—Bassam Tarazi

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