Friday, July 06, 2012

Another Option

Seeing as I just celebrated a new birth year, it's time to start planning the big birth year of 2013. My friend, Tonya, and I both turn the big 4-0 next year. She's already been to Paris...back to the travel board we go, hi-ho! She's dying to go to Italy, I've never been so it qualifies as an option. Of course, the more wine we drank the more options we're in sync decisions to be made.

via Lonely Planet
Mineral baths in Tuscany via Here
Capo Vaticano via All Things Europe Tumblr
Milan via Milanotravel
Rome via Here
Venice via Here
Florence via Google Images

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JohnF said...

Rome was a pretty good city to wander around in. Enjoyed Florence, and Venice and Pompeii. I want to go back and also visit Cirque Terre (if they have recovered from last years floods) and some other towns as well.