Sunday, May 01, 2011

Old School

I uncovered more funny pre-google 'race' days. Race is a stretch at that time in my running world. I'm pretty sure it involved my friend, Ally, swinging by my office on a Friday morning, handing me a race form to fill-out for what we would be doing Sat morning. Not knowing what she was getting me into I always said yes. She's the reason I got into racing. I have to say the clueless way was so fun. Lacing up a shoe that looked like one could run in it, take off to a race site, go all out (that's how you race right?) and promptly die at the finish line. Anyway, in my cleaning process I uncovered a file named running. I don't think I've opened this file since moving to Austin. What I uncovered was hilarious. Pre-google 'race' days = mailed race results on small postcards on what looks like the first printer ever invented. I laughed harder when I saw I always placed in the top 10 of my age group, to say this is before the world got into running. Here's a pic of the cutest postcard ever!

Front of postcard

Back of postcard- I'm 8th in AG
Also, in the running file was my first marathon training plan. I will include as well because it too caused me to laugh at myself. Can't believe I even survived it on this plan. Clueless is an interesting way to go for sure!

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