Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunday Love Fest

Man oh, man, words can't explain my excitement over spending the weekend cleaning/organizing my loft space. I'm a new person, currently sitting at my drafting table creating this post. Yay, me! Exciting stuff I know. 

For the love fest of the week.

Pink Gloves Boxing. A friend of mine invited me to try-out a boxing class with her a few months back. True to form I had no idea what I was getting into, but it was new and something I'd never done before. I was a go! As the sun was shining down on me adealio had a $20 coupon to go to the same boxing place for 3 weeks unlimited amount of classes. Boy, did I jump on that deal. Great way to see if I really like something. Turns out I love it! My other excitement for the week is I tested out for my pink wraps. This is the first level, where you do a 1-2 punch on the bag for 3 solid breaks or slowing down. I'm here to tell you while 3 minutes sounds easy it is the longest 3 of your life. I was stoked to achieve these pink babies.

Other fun things. My friend, Tolly, interviewed a super cool artist, Austin Kleon the other day on her blog. He does newspaper black-outs. I love them. See for yourself.

I love his stuff...simple, to the point.

As luck would have it, during my massive clean-up I found more master bathroom pix. The following are ones I've been searching high and low for...I love them!

 Perfect place for the chandelier...and hello, sparkles. How can you not love this?

Perfect dressing area. Also, sparkly and with chandelier. 

More sparkles. Check the floor design out in the dressing area, fun!!

Another brilliant idea discovered on the Freshome Blog. London has created the best use of a parking spot. Check this out- a cut-out of a car that fits into a parking spot, but is used to lock up bikes. Awesome, see for yourself!

Or a place to sit and rest...also, a great idea!

Happy Weekend!!!

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