Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today I Dream of...

Lavish outdoor dinner parties with friends...
Kelley Moore
I love all the colors in the outdoor setting above. Kelley Moore is an amazing designer that designs some spectacular events. I mentioned lavish for my dinner parties, right?;-)

Kelley Moore

In case you didn't believe me when I said she designs some awesome stuff!!!

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Some R&R and sunshine vitamins...

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A clear mind to figure some things out that are bogging me down a bit.

Art for inspiration.

Flowers 'cuz they make me smile.

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Random I know but I love chairs, all kinds of chairs. Lately I've taken quite a few photos of worries, I will share them. I might need a tiara to sit in the  chair fun is it??? MEGA, that's how fun!!!

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Sadie J said...

That tiara chair is a lovely shade of blue :).