Thursday, May 26, 2011

Caught My Attention

Things that have caught my eye this week...

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I so want the classics in my library.

via SwissMiss
Who couldn't use a lego wall in their fun!!!

via French by Design
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Pretty cool flower pots...

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Some blue inspiration.

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More door love!

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Canyon of Verdon River. Provence, France...dreamin' of vacation and places I need to see...


Sadie J said...

The water color really is that spectacular :). We weren't that close, but we drove the road through/above that canyon and there were some spectacular things to see. Beautiful!

mikeINaustin said...

the yellow book is swedish, and says: The happy animals.
Also, i lived not far from that gorge when i lived in france, and swam in that river. not right there, but quite similar.
let's go!