Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things I'm Lovin' This Week

Random graphics/photography. Sorry, I have no idea where I found this one.

I know what you're thinking, "will she ever get over this color?" Outlook not good or blame it on spring weather...your choice;-)

The National
I heart this band. I got to see them at ACL this year. Loved every minute of it!

My latest toe polish. I love OPI polish they offer a zillion colors making it very difficult to choose just one. This stuff ain't cheap, but it stays on forever, love!

Mark Rothko
I love coffee table books and am always on the hunt for my next one...perhaps, this is it.
The simplicity of this kitchen makes my heart sing. I am obsessed with two different websites at the moment. 1- is loaded with amazing design pix from designers, architects and various other creative peeps. You can create a login and start your own idea book by clicking on posted pictures. I'm constantly saving ideas I may someday want to incorporate in my own designs or just use as inspiration. The second site I love is pintinterst. Basically, you can pin any graphic on the web and add to your boards you've created on this site. Another way to store amazing ideas. I won't mention my 3-ring binders I use for the magazines I rip apart and save. Hmmm...
And that's what I'm lovin' for this week!

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