Monday, April 04, 2011


As I stated in my previous post I really want to paint my bedroom black. It gets TONS of natural light so it handles deep colors well. Now, if I paint my bedroom black I will need all new bedding. I'm thinking crisp white...however, if I go that route I'll have to add in some rustic stuff too. There is wood furniture in the room that needs to stay there. My thought process is to stain the current pieces a little darker and figure out my headboard. It's a good thing I mull things around in my head for a bit, because I've changed my mind completely from what I originally wanted my bedroom to look like. I had been eyeing this leather headboard at West Elm.

But guess what- I have no desire to spend $450 on this piece of furniture at this time. While it is lovely I've since changed the look I'm after. Apartment Therapy another blog I follow has been writing some great posts on DIY headboards. I've found one I really like.
The headboard I currently LOVE! Now, I think I would paint white over the wood because I'm obsessed with that look right now...but then again I may just leave it like it is...I will not attempt to paint the word love on the DIY headboard. I already know that end result.

Here are some other ones for fun!

Calas Corner

Chalkboard headboard...something to write on when you have your brilliant ideas in the middle of the night??? Just a thought;-)

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

The reclaimed doors as a headboard is another favorite option of mine.

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