Sunday, April 24, 2011

Things I Love This Week!

Freshome Blog
Apparently, I feel the need to justify my wanting to paint my bedroom black. Above is another example of how lovely the color works in a room...yes, that's my opinion.
Lifeinaventicup Blog

Jeremiah Goodman

I love this man's illustrations. Amazing!!!

Freshome Blog
Everyone needs a HOT PINK bookcase!

Liz Williams Interiors
Another chaise lounge for my library in my fav color too!

Last but not least I *heart* the Austin Fire Department & EMT. They came to our rescue today out on the Greenbelt. My friend decided ligaments in her ankle were overrated and she took a tumble. These awesome people came down the trail to get her out...notice there are like 17 of them. My friend is in the canoe looking thing (if I showed you a better pic her face would be in pic & she'd kill me) ontop of a gigantic wheel to get her out. Thank you AFD & EMT!!!


dr mel said...

Oooooh, the scene in that last picture looks eerily familiar to me. Hope your friend is okay.

Katie said...

Girl~ I totally thought of you today. That is some scary stuff! I was bummed because I just introduced her to trail running & she was LOVING it. Although, I think she'll come back once she's better;-)

Hope you're doing well!