Sunday, June 03, 2012


I am Jonesing for a big trip, while that's not in the deck of cards for this year I'm starting to plan for next year. However, deciding where is much harder than I imagined. About the time I get things narrowed down I get side tracked by another place I'd like to visit. I haven't done a lot of travel abroad so there's much to choose from for me...
I love the lifestyle of the French and want to immerse myself in their culture.
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But then there's Greece, where every picture taken is beautiful...

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Oh and Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca...the list is endless really.

Torre Agbar photo by Thomas Mayer
Cozy Mansion
Is there anywhere you're dying to travel right now? What's the best trip you've been on? I'm always interested in what others have done for travel.


Sadie J said...

Dying to travel anywhere. Will go to Florida and Seattle this year, one with kid, one without. Best trip ever - Paris for a week and 3-4 days in the south of France. Close runner ups were the two month-long trips to four of the Hawaiian islands studying (or chaperoning teens studying) environmental science. Would love to visit Japan, New Zealand, Italy, London, well really pretty much anywhere other than where I have been before is good.

Katie said...

Sadie- I'm the same...I'll go anywhere I haven't been. I will say I love both Florida and Seattle:-) I loved Japan, granted we stayed the majority of the time in Tokyo, still fabulous!

dr mel said...

Oh, KJ, I spend so much of my time pondering this issue myself! :) Having been to several of the places on your list I would say that all are different ways. So, it really just depends on what you are wanting out of the trip.

Up next for us is our (annual?) summer Europe vacation. It will be ridiculous again, though...Lake Como for my birthday, Germany (still working out where exactly), Amsterdam, London (for the men's marathon in the Olympics), then overnight in Paris on our way to Zurich.

I'm also thinking a week in Rome around the holidays at the end of the year.

So many places to go, so little time!

JohnF said...

Best trip - hard to say, but either Egypt or Argentina/Chile. Visited New Zealand earlier this year. Getting ready to start a few months driving tour of Yellowstone, Canadian Rockies, and then back down the Pacific coast through Oregon and Northern California before making my way back home.