Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Loves This Week

Things I loved this week...

It's design month in Austin. A friend of mine joined me at Threshold Furniture for a fun-filled event, including some chats with various designers in town. I love to see the furniture pieces in this store, modern and funky, never mind I can't afford anything in here, it's fun to look at.

I have to say my book club chose an amazing book for this month's read. I don't consider myself politically savvy, and I've been highly annoyed with our government for some time. This book helped me understand exactly what all is going on. Granted it was written in '06, our problems are now worse;-( I recommend reading this book.

Drinks with a good friend. I can't lie I've been flying under radar for sometime and am finally ready to jump back onto the social wagon. 

My dog-child, Bronco, after playing on the Green Belt with his new friends this morning. I'm so excited we now go to the dog park and even have some play dates. This helps wear Mr. High Energy out...Mama can only run so much.

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I love this pic, the entire thing. The desk and chair are fantastic, the color of the walls, the stack of books, the simplicity of the room...perfection!

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I love dresses. One piece, jewelry and shoes...out the door you go. Nothing like a red dress either.

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