Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Perfect Sunday

The perfect Sunday involves a good run, great friends & champagne...does it get any better than this...I think not!!! It really is that simple. Today, this Sunday, it's perfect and now I'll finish this floorplan for school...I'm happy and complete, ok a little tipsy too, but that totally helps the school work.

This morning involved feeding a herd of dogs for friends out of town, a run in the rain with M, and brunch/mimosas with Jane...this is my idea of a perfect Sunday. I love it!!!

Jane- party shuffle playing 'Long Day,' MB20...oh, yeah!!! I love the poster...I think it needs to hang in my loft;-)


Jane said...

It is impossible beat a Sunday afternoon mimosa buzz. Thanks for brunch...enjoy the MB20 prize! :-)

Shorey said...

Call me next time! I'd love to join you!

Katie said...

You're on Sister!!!

Just need your digits.