Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Model Building

Model building is for the birds. I don't think words can convey my dislike of these things. I didn't like them this summer and I sure as heck don't like them now. I swear for every 1 step I take forward there are about 7 makes no sense.

I have no idea what happens with foamcore between the time I measure it, draw a line and then take the knife to it...somewhere in those steps it shrinks??? Guess what if it's too short back to square 1 until it's me there are several wrongs before you make a right.

Anyhoo that's the boring stuff. I accomplished my goal of the day for my's a small one but the first one to complete on the day I wanted it complete...yay! me!!!

Here's an idea of my private hell. All the pieces on the left are the rejects the tiny pile on the right are going to make the exterior of this house model.

Now for the complete dining room. It will look strange but in my teenie tiny world this is huge...I'm finally moving to the interior part of this model. Once complete this will be more clear, or that's the goal.

Tomorrow I'll work a little more then off to SXSW for the rest of the day/night...this is supposed to be my spring break. Break means build a model, draw/render a kitchen, write 2 papers and start preparing for a test the week after spring break;-)


Shorey said...

Very cool! Glad to see you at yoga yesterday! Next time we'll get a bit/drink afterwards.

Katie said...

Yes, my legs were a little heavy today...not sure if that was from weights or yoga;-) I definitely enjoyed it. Yes, for food/drink afterwards!