Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Model Building

It's time to convert the 2-D model to a 3-D model. This part intimidates me, it's also the point at which I get to see my minuscule mistakes that yes, the professor will notice too.

If you're paying attention there is still an exterior wall missing;-) I haven't had the guts to conquer that wall yet. It has a fireplace that isn't your normal box on the exterior portion of the house it's got some funky zig-zag thingy and I am not ready to face this challenge. The interior portion has a few too many book shelves going as well, and my moments are numbered before I have to face this challenge.

I'm drinking an Enviga drink this should keep me charged for another 10 hours and hopefully I will be near completion.


Shorey said...

I think once you start the exterior wall, you'll be fine. Looks great to me!

Maggie said...

how's the wall coming along?

I never made it to Stacey pool, but hopefully soon!