Wednesday, March 19, 2008

36 Hours

When I think of pulling an all nighter I think of a dance floor with good friends, margaritas and 80s music. Unfortunately, me being up for 36 straight hours didn't involve any of that. So sad that model building takes forever + a day.

Since going back to school my 8hour nights of sleep are something of the past. It's normal for me to go to bed around 2am (again no dance floor, margaritas or music) and sleep for 4-5 hours. I knew this field required insane hours but seriously. There are plenty of gals that always talk about 'I was up all night getting this done'...I just thought 'what a dumb ass, who wants to stay up all night for school?' Ok, as they say you will eat your words. I have officially done just that. When it came time for me to turn in my project I couldn't remember if I had brushed my teeth, showered or eaten I was so confused as to what day any of the aforementioned was done...I opted to shower and my brush my teeth again just to be safe;-)

Without further ado here is my final stuff. I forgot to take a pic of my rendering that accompanied the model. Remember I was no longer firing on all 4 cylinders.

Also, stuff in the house that would be built-in had to be done in 3-D (kitchen cabinets) things such as living room furniture could be done in 2-D. I swear this makes sense!


ironmaggie said...

wow! that's pretty impressive Katie!!

no one says you can't have a margarita during your all-nighter....just saying.

that's funny that you took another shower, just incase...that's more than I would have done.

Shorey said...

I would totally live there! It looks really, really good! Sleep is overrated, you know?

Joey said...

If I had forever + 1 day I couldn't be 1/3 as good as what you have done here. Great job. Now, go take a nap. You're scaring the children.

holly said...

Wow it looks awesome. I would have cut off a finger after that long without sleep.

I hope you napping right now.

KP said...

Sweet - look at all the stuff you've learned to do! Can I get a "yay" for school?