Thursday, December 29, 2011

Year-End Review

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is evaluate my year (hence, the title, Year-End Review) and map out the next year of things I want to work on/accomplish. It's like re-energizing my it!
Last year I decided to choose a word to live by, that word being love.
So, how did I fare? Hmmm, I've given this some thought and rather than say, I did a great job, or I flunked miserably, I've decided to list the things I did this year that I loved/enjoyed.

1. Silk Dance- this is something I'd been wanting to try and found a 6-week program to give it my all. I learned rather fast this wasn't a class I wanted to continue once done. I think one 3-hour class would have given me the info I needed. However, being true KJ, I jumped in cannon ball style, half-way to the bottom WTHaaaayyyyy am I doing? I chalked it up to adventure.

2. Boxing- wanting to work my core and strength, a friend invited me to try Pink Glove Boxing. I loved it, absolute blast and on the way home from work. Great stress reliever while waiting on traffic to die down. Highly recommend this class to the Ladies.

3. I decided to keep my blog. I was debating ending it completely, but found something I enjoyed in the design world and opted to share with my 3 readers:-) I steady post pictures of things I love. It's the most posts I've done in a year, UBER exciting!!!

4. I started painting with acrylics on canvas and even started a TINY ETSY site. I LOVE this more than anything in the WHOLE wide world. Now anything I see gives me a new idea of something I'd like to paint. Now patiently waiting on what I see to actually be on the canvas...never turns out quite like I expect, but I enjoy every single minute of it!

5. Last but not least, I got a dog this year, Bronco. This has been a huge life changer. He has temporarily taken me out my social life, but we'll slowly get back to that in 2012. 

Overall 2011 was a great year!!!


shubbe said...

I enjoy your blog, and am glad you decided to keep it. :)

So glad you found Bronco, and can't wait to see more pictures of him (and unattainable house porn) in 2012!

erin said...

I second Amy!! I love your blog too. :)

happy new year!!!!

Katie said...

Thanks Ladies, glad y'all like it.

Amy- I think house porn is a perfect description.

FYI- Bronco loves play dates...

Happy New Year!!!