Thursday, January 29, 2009


Dear FoHo and Steph your office jobs must be very boring;-)
Well, I'll give y'all a post but no complaining if it's more boring than your job. Remember you asked for it!

Spring Semester '09.

Good news this is my last spring semester, EVER. YEEHAW!!! Finally, there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

The bad news. I'm taking 15 hours. I've bitched moaned and groaned about the 12 hours I've taken in past semesters, why not take 15. What's one more class???

The good news about the bad news is 3 classes are online, which means I do homework at home and drive to the ACC campus to take tests. Here's what I think. The syllabus should be posted for all online classes before registration. Drum roll please. Here's why- I have a test, a paper and some forum discussion I must participate in every single week. This may not sound bad except these are classes that have NOTHING to do with Interior Design. Basically, I can't wing it and pull things out of my ass. I actually have to read chapters and take notes. I find this very annoying. I also find it annoying that Texas created the dumbest law on the planet. Don't ask me what the law's name is...something to do with the fact if you did NOT get your degree in the good 'ole state of Texas you must take TX Government, American Govt and 2 History classes. I've taken 3 of the 4 classes, BUT not in the state of Texas. These people are killing me!!! Hello, I barely scraped through the first time and was hoping it was all behind me...I did manage to get 1 of my History classes approved so I only have to take 3 annoying classes.

More good news on these online courses being through ACC, the grades don't affect my grade point at TX State, which means a 'C' is passing and done. The funny thing is I just took my TX Govt test I made a 70. I laughed when I got the score. I said it would be the bare minimum and bye golly that's what I got;-)


Dee said...

Ms. Katie, I'm so glad to hear that you are nearing the end, what a wonderful day that will be and I'm super proud of you. The post isn't boring, it's a real testimony of how hard you are working toward your goal. (hugs)

StephW said...

Good job Katie!! The funny part of this post is that I did take TX Goverment but at St. Edward's they didn't care. Dang private school doesn't care. St. Eds only gave it to me as and elective class. I was so pissed because I took that class at Summer school and it was at 8am on MWF then to find out I pretty much wasted my time.

Priscilla said...

I enjoy ALL your posts, crazy crackhead hug denial FOOL! You just wait. The next time I see you, I might just start humping your leg!!!