Tuesday, February 03, 2009


How to explain my hatred of grocery shopping??? I don't know what it is but I LOATHE going to the grocery store. Something about it puts me in a bad mood and makes me want to commit terrible hurtful crimes on people i do not know.

Well, it's a new year and a new training season. I have decided to become a healthy eater...so I went to see the dietician goddess known as Meredith. We came up with some ideas as well as a new grocery store venture. Obviously, she understood the pain of me going to my ghetto neighborhood heb. We decided that twice a month I would go to the super store heb in Kyle on my way home from school. Today was my first day to try this super sized heb. I was all excited hoping for a pleasant experience one that would make me want to find the foods I'm supposed to be eating. Um, yeah, it was more like a living nightmare that involved the typical suburbia box with a grocery cart as high as I am tall (when did the buggies get this big?) next thing you know I am lost in the home area of the store and still haven't found the Alexia potatoes. I'm screwed at this point. So, my hatred for grocery shopping still exists. All I know is there is a new requirement for the men that I date. They will have to do the grocery shopping.


StephW said...

I hate the HEB on Oltorf/Congress. I would rather go to Randalls and pay MORE money than go there. No lines and good parking equals me being able to get in and out quickly and a happier person.

Sadie J said...

Mmmm...Alexia potatoes. I don't get to eat those very often.

When do you shop? Do you need a buddy? I like Stephanie's idea of going to Randalls and paying a little more if it is that painful for you. They also have some good deals if you shop with a Remarkable card or coupons.

Katie said...

Yes, Ladies, I totally agree in paying more for my sanity. Really I just wish we didn't have the open container law and then I would drink margaritas while shopping;-)

Steph- do you go to the Randall's on Ben White?

MikeW said...

I love the grocery store, but loathe the Ghetto HEB even tho it's 1.5 miles away.
I will NOT who at Randalls. Please send your extra money my way of you have that much to spare! Then again, I won't step foot in a walmart either.
Katie, you run long on Saturdays, meaning you don't party on Friday. Do what I and dozens of other "athletes" do; we shop on Friday after 6pm! It's friggin deserted! HEB on brodie is my friend! It's really not far from you at all.
I loove the grocery store, just wish I had my old budget back!

MikeW said...

Who = shop
Stupid iPhone

Julia said...

Grocery shopping sucks. Good idea to get a boyfriend that does it... Other than that, I do better if I go more frequently (no kidding) for just a few things. Better to RUN in and get a day's meals (or 2 days worth) than a whole excursion at the store. A big shopping day (even on a Friday night!!) makes me nutty.

Priscilla said...

Maybe I can be your new boyfriend?? I LOVE to grocery shop. It's the only time when I can put anything I want in the basket and not worry about if I can afford it or not :) Although, I haven't been as much as I used to since I've been eating Meredith approved meals. Eating with her has made my shopping a lot faster. I really enjoy going through all the aisles :)

StephW said...

Yep, I used to hitt the Randalls on Ben White. I hate hate the Heb on Congress. Sorry Mike but I would rather pay double than to go nuts. Randalls does have good deals sometimes.

PS. Time for a new quote or post Katie.

MikeW said...

there's an HEB on Congress???? seriously?

Maggie said...

you know, I hate going to the grocery store too! I'm right there with ya!
but then again, I don't cook, so no real need for me to go to the store except for the essentials which I'd rather go to walgreens for.
I do like the WF at gateway, small enough to get in, and get out. even if I do spend a little extra.