Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ahhhh, back to training we go, hi-ho! Actually it's great to be back into a running rhythm. Apparently, Mother Nature did not get the memo I sent in December. I was done with my 2 weeks worth of winter. HELLO- 26 friggin' degrees this morning. I have a thick fleece headband I use for skiing. Note- skiing means snow/cold, a place where one might experience 26 degree weather. I live in Central Texas where one shouldn't experience such conditions. I have been wearing that damn ski band for 2 weeks now, what gives??? I do not live in the North I do not own a snow plow as I find it wrong to need such a yard utensil.

Anyhoo- The point of me posting. I went to 'Happy Office' last night. Really just to sit, listen and hang with my peeps. For the most part I fly under my coaches radar and learn from those around me. It seems ever since my race in December I am sitting on Sisson's radar. Argh!!! The world hasn't ended and he pretty much calls me out on the things I already know but somethings I didn't think he had noticed. Boy, am I wrong. When I'm tired my running form goes to hell in a handbasket. I always knew once tired my arms and shoulders swung side to side. Really a pointless move considering I'm trying to move forward. Well, it seems Sisson noticed I do it ALL the time and when tired it's uber bad. Apparently, my shoulders, back and abs are weak. No shocker there. This am I spent the majority of my run focusing on moving my arms forward instead of side to side. Dear gawd was that hard/impossible. Geez, Louise am I way weaker than I thought. Thanks to Renee I have a 3-month pass to Castle Hill fitness, which I've been using. Tonight we're giving Pilates a chance. Something tells me tomorrow's run is going to be extremely interesting.


Julia said...

Darlin' you are gonna be SO buff in 3 months! Enjoy that gym! Sore is good! Pain is gain! Winter rocks! (ok, I HAD to throw that one in there!!)

Jon said...

I agree with Julia - winter is good b/c it's not gonna last much longer!!!

And more importantly - what kind of handbasket are we talking about? Gucci? Prade? Armani? If it's going to hell, go in style :)